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Socialist Parties (Brazil)

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Partido Popular Socialista (PPS)

Popular Socialist Party

[Popular Socialist Party (Brazil)] image by Guillermo Tell Aveledo

The flag logo of the PPS is at
Dov Gutterman, 8 March 1999

The PPS is the main successor of the original Partido Comunista Brasileiro (Brazilian Communist Party). The party was renamed in 1993 when a party congress decided to drop Marxist-Leninist doctrine.  At the same time the hammer and sickle were removed from the party flag. 
Joseph McMillan, 16 April 2001

The flag is defined in Article 5 of the party statute: "a red flag with the letters P, P, and S in golden yellow (amarelo ouro). The PPS elected 15 deputies and one senator in the 2002 elections.
Joseph McMillan, 5 November 2002

Partido Socialista Brasileiro

Brazilian Socialist Party

[Brazilian Socialist Party] image by Guillermo Tell Aveledo

The party statute provides in article 81 that "The flag of the PSB has the colors yellow and red in two equal horizontal stripes in that order and the inscription PSB." Article 82 adds that "The symbol of the PSB is the dove of peace by Picasso, flying to the left, and it appears in the upper part of the flag."
Joseph McMillan, 5 November 2002

I spotted the yellow and red flag during the 2000 Brazilian presidential campaign.
Guillermo Tell Aveledo, 18 September 2000

The PSB is strongly leftist but more pragmatic than the PT.  It elected 22 deputies and 3 senators in 2002.
Joseph McMillan, 5 November 2002

Variant (Former?) Flag

Former Flag of Brazilian Socialist Party image by Jorge Candeias

The Brazilian Socialist Party is, obviously, a socialist party and, as also happens with the Portuguese Socialist Party, seems [as of 1999--ed.] to be thinking about changing colors. The flag appears in two versions: (1) white on red and (2) white with red lettering on a yellow-red degrade. However, according to Carlos Noronha, and unlike what happens with the Portuguese party, only one flag is used--red with the party logo in white centered. The logo consists of the outline of a dove with a branch (of laurel? hard to tell but probable) in the beak under the party's initials.
Jorge Candeias, 23 June 1999

Socialism & Liberty Party

Partido Socialismo e Liberdade

Socialism and Liberty Party image by Eugene Ipavec, 6 October 2006

The Socialism & Liberty Party / Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (P-SOL) of Brazil, whose presidential candidate Sen. Heloisa Helena Lima de Moraes Carvalho won 6.8% of the vote in the first round of the election. Their flag was posted at (no longer available), a red flag with the initials P-SOL, with the O shown as a sun encircled by a pink circle with 8 rays, 8 yellow rays showing between these, the disc of the sun divided into a white and a red half (a darker red than the flag?) with the white extending in a thin semicircle around the red half, separating it from the pink ring with the rays.
"prometevsberg", 2 October 2006

Partido Socialista dos Trabalhadores Unificado (PSTU)

Unified Socialist Workers Party

[United Socialist Workers Party (Brazil)] image by Jorge Candeias, 20 March 2006

This one looks like a far-left party, small as they usually are all over the place. I found an image on their website that has a "flaggy" character. If this image corresponds to the flag, then it's a red flag with the initials in yellow covering nearly all the field.
Jorge Candeias, 9 May 1999

The flag is at the PSTU website. It isn't very clear, but it is quite simple. A rather Marxist party.
Guilherme Simões Reis, 6 October 1999

Described in article 3 of the party statute as "a red flag ... inscribed on the field of the flag the upper case letters P-S-T-U."
Joseph McMillan, 5 November 2002

No seats in Congress.
Joseph McMillan, 5 November 2002

The flag is red with the initials of the party in a characteristic yellow font along the center. The party is to the small side, but I came across a photo showing this party flag in the edition of 11 September 2005 of the Público newspaper. The article was about the coincidences between Karl Marx's works and the Bible, which were the topic of a conference by the Mexican philosopher Enrique Dussel, and the photo is an archive photo with no relation with the conference, showing a demonstration against the ALCA.

From the flag in the photo and the symbol in the party website - at - I estimate the proportions of the flag as 4:7.

Regarding the party, I believe I can narrow down its ideological characteristics. This image shows a demonstration against the war in Iraq where the PSTU took part, and shows the symbol of the party and another symbol below: the symbol of the 4th International. This means that the PSTU is a Trotskyist party.
Jorge Candeias, 20 March 2006