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Godoy Moreira, Paraná (Brazil)

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About the Flag

The municipality of Godoy Moreira (3,337 inhabitants in 2010; 13,101 ha) is located 450 km north-west of Curitiba.

Godoy Moreira was established in the 1970s, when plots were offered to colonists in Gleba Ubá, a vast domain owned by Francisco Elias Godoy Moreira. The district of Godoy Moreira was established as part of the municipality of São João do Ivaí by State Law No. 915 promulgated on 2 September 1977, to be elevated a municipality by State Law No. 8,847 promulgated on 5 April 1989.
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The flag and arms of Godoy Moreira are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 6 promulgated on 10 April 1980.

Article 3.
The flag of the municipality of Godoy Moreira has for proportions 14 units in width on 20 units in length.
ß1. The proportions of the municipal flag are those of the national flag.

Article 14.
The municipal flag of Godoy Moreira is divided into four parts as described below.
The flag is composed of three horizontal stripes and a triangle.
The first stripe, in the upper part, is blue (azure).
In the rectangle's center, a white (argent) stripe.
The third stripe, in the lower part, is red (gules).
At the flag's left, an green (vert) irregular triangle.
In the upper blue (azure) stripe's left, a yellow (gold) star.
ß1. The flag's obverse and reverse shall be identical, in compliance with the rules of vexillology.
ß2. In compliance with good style in vexillology and heraldry, the municipal flag of Godoy Moreira is of most simplicity, so that anyone of school age can reproduce it.
The flag of the municipality of Godoy Moreira was imagined, designed and adapted to Brazilian municipal heraldry by heraldist and vexillologist Reynaldo Valascki, using legal and proportional norms.

Article 15.
The four parts of the flag of Godoy Moreira in their colors have the following symbolic.
I - The upper blue (azure) stripe symbolizes the clement sky that covers the territory of the municipality of Godoy Moreira: it also symbolizes justice, nobleness, praise, perseverance, zeal, sweetness, dignity, vigilance, perfection and incorruptible firmness (Guelfi, 64; AsÍncio, 63; Ronchetti, 126).
II - The yellow (gold) star represents a tribute to great pioneer and colonist Francisco Elias de Godoy Moreira, who in the past chose the beautiful and promising lands where the seat of the municipality of Godoy Moreira is located.
III - The white stripe (argent) symbolizes peace, friendship, purity, innocence, beauty, felicity, integrity, equity and truth (Guelfi, 51; AsÍncio, 61).
IV - The red stripe in the lower stripe symbolizes authority, greatness, majesty and triumph (Ronchetti, 798; AsÍncio 61)
V - Green (vert) primarily symbolizes the rainforest where the town and the municipality of Godoy Moreira emerged; it also symbolizes the plains and crops in rural areas, being also the heraldic symbol of hope and faith. Hope and faith are the main tools of progress and characteristic attributes of the whole Godoy Moreira's people.

Article 16.
The coat of arms in the center of the municipal flag symbolizes the spread of the municipal power to all the parts of the municipality of Godoy Moreira.

Article 18.
The coat of arms of the municipality of Godoy Moreira was designed according to the legal norms of Brazilian municipal heraldry.
The mural crown surmounting the shield is the universal symbol of domains' coats of arms; yellow (or) with eight towers, only five of them visible in perspective view, it classifies a 3rd rank, that is, the seat of a municipality.
Yellow (or) represents in heraldry glory and splendor, wealth, greatness and sovereignty.
The escutcheon in chief is the symbol of people's faith, and also the image of humility and fraternity between humans. It symbolizes the cross on which Jesus was martyred, as a symbol of the Christian religion and of redemption for all Christians. The cross is dark red (purpure) as an heraldic symbol of devotion, authority and triumph. It mostly represents religious feelings and faith to God of Godoy Moreira's people.
The field of the shield is divided into four quarters.
The first quarter, upper left, features the rainforest and land cleared by the pioneers, recalling those who came in the region and grew different types of crops that are sources of income for all of those who lived and still live in the area.
The second quarter, right, features in the upper part an inkpot, a quill, a book, a terrestrial globe and a map of Paraná, the whole representing and symbolizing education and culture in the municipality of Godoy Moreira.
The third quarter, in base, features a tractor driven by a farmer and a vast area grown with diverse crops, symbolizing the great agricultural potential of Godoy Moreira's territory.
The fourth quarter, lower right, features vast green plains, a bovine and a pig's head, symbolizing the great potential for cattle and pig breeding in the municipality.
Green (vert) is a symbol of green hope, alluding to greening fields in spring promising profuse harvests.
Beneath the two lower quarters, a triangle featuring a handshake symbolizing union and force of people and races who struggle and work in a fraternal spirit for the development and progress of the municipality of Godoy Moreira.
The shield is supported dexter by soybean and wheat plants, sinister by bean and maize plants, beneath the shield by cotton plants, all fructed, symbolizing the main products of the generous and fertile land that represent the income of the municipality of Godoy Moreira.
Beneath the shield a red (gules) scroll inscribed with the toponym "Godoy Moreira" surrounded left by "05.04.1989", the date of creation of the municipality, and right by "01.01.1990", the date of its emancipation.
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