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Mamborê, Paraná (Brazil)

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[Flag of Mamborê, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 5 February 2022
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About the Flag

The municipality of MamborÍ (13,014 inhabitants in 2020; 78,806 ha) is located 500 km north-west of Curitiba.

The flag and arms of MamborÍ are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 12 promulgated on 7 June 1985.

Article 2.
The flag of the municipality of MamborÍ was designed in accordance with heraldry by Sebastião Ferrarini.

Article 3.
The flag of the municipality of MamborÍ shall be rectangular, blue, in proportions 14 units in width on 20 units in length, pursuant to Article 5 of Federal Law No. 5,700 promulgated on 19 September 1971, with the following characteristics.
a) The flag shall consist in a single, blue field, with the municipality's coat of arms inscribed at the center.
b) The geometric figure in which the coat of arms of the municipality of MamborÍ is applied is a white circle, which symbolizes infinity, as it has neither beginning nor end.

Article 8.
The coat of arms of the municipality of MamborÍ, designed in accordance with heraldry by Sebastião Ferrarini, is composed of a Samnite shield horizontally divided into two fields by a black line. [...] This contains the symbols (incomplete text) given by the coat of arms.
a) Chief
The upper field is represented by a rectangle [...] described as follows.
1. The upper right quadrilateral is divided into two rectangles of equal dimensions. In the upper, blue rectangle the rising sun shines proper, representing the strength of the Brazilian man and the vigor of MemborÍ's people, who renew themselves at each dawn, in search of solutions for the town's progress. In the lower, red rectangle are a bow and an arrow proper, which were weapons of the primitive inhabitants of the region (Tupi-Guarani), from whose civilization the toponym "MamborÍ" originated.
2. In the upper left, blue quadrilateral the white capital letter "M" surmounted by a crown [...] of the same, symbolizing the patron saint of the municipality, the Immaculate Conception, which is celebrated every year on 8 December.
b) Symbols part of the coat of arms of the municipality
The lower part of the shield is divided into three unequal fields representing the region's geographic accidents.
1. The wavy white stripe that crosses horizontally the shield's lower part symbolizes river Goio-Bang River, the extreme southern limit of the municipality. Being a tributary of the Piquiri, it integrates MamborÍ to the vast and prosperous region of Piquiri Valley.
The shield's lower field in green, below the aforementioned wavy horizontal stripe, symbolizing Goio-Bang Colony, which gave rise to the territory of MamborÍ.
2. The smaller, white wavy stripe that starts from the left, descending in curves and obliquely to the right, reaching the larger stripe symbolizes the slopes and the course of rivers MamborÍ, Mutum, Gavião, all tributaries of the Goio-Bang.
3. In the dexter (right), green field is a tractor placed on the arable land in contour lines, symbolizing the technical skills of farming and farming, which is an expressive resource for MamborÍ.
4. In the sinister (left), yellow field, there are a chimney and a gear, in black and white, symbolizing, in a stylized way, the progressive industry of the municipality of MamborÍ, also representing its powerful wealth.
c) Additional symbols of the coat of arms of the municipality
The shield is surmounted by a white (silver), eight-towered mural crown, with black gates and windows, only five of them being visible. The mural crown placed on the coat of arms of the municipality symbolizes the municipal authority: Legislative and Executive of the municipality of MamborÍ.
2. Supporters
The coat of arms of the municipality of MamborÍ is supported dexter by a pine branch and sinister by a yerba mate branch, both in green, representing the first resources of the municipality.
3. Scroll
Beneath the shield is a red scroll joining the pine and yerba mate branches, inscribed in black "25/07/60" - date of creation of the municipality, the toponym "MAMBOR ", and "10/09/60" - date of political and administrative inauguration of the municipality.
Blue: Color of the firmament, symbolizes justice, truth, loyalty and beauty.
Yellow: It is the image of maturity of judgment, symbolizing nobleness, magnitude and wealth.
White: It is pure light, symbolizing integrity, obedience, vigilance, peace and order.
Black: It belongs to the domain of intelligence, symbolizing prudence, vigor and honesty.
Green: Denotes faith, symbolizing hope, freedom and strength of nature.
Red: It is energy, symbolizing strength, courage, and triumph.
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 Ivan Sache, 5 February 2022

Escola Municipal Barzotto

[Flag of Mamborê, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 5 February 2022

The flag of EMF Barzotto is diagonally divided celestial blue-white per bend sinister, charged in the center with the school's emblem and the black writing "MAMBOR  - PR" beneath the emblem.

Ivan Sache, 5 February 2022