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Vysocina symbols, Czech Republic

Kraj Vysocina

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[Possible future flag of Vysocina region] by Pascal Gross, 12 Jan 2002. See also:

The flag of Vysočina region

The final proposals for regional symbols of Vysocina were approved by the regional assembly and now are sending to the parliamentary heraldic-vexillological subcommittee:
Both COA and flag are quartered. The 1st field (upper hoist) is blue with the red-silver/white checkered Moravian eagle. The 2nd field (upper fly) is silver/white with a red hedgehog. The 3rd field (lower hoist) is silver/white with a green rowan-tree branch with two green leaves and 11 red berries (2+6+3). The 4th field (lower fly) is red with silver/white Bohemian lion. The flag ratio is 2:3.
I guess that these symbols will pass the final parliamentary procedure with no problems and will be approved.
Jan Zrzavy, 22 Nov 2001

Vysocina Region - the winning proposal approved by regional assembly has eventually been discussed and approved by the parliamentary subcommittee.
Jan Zrzavy, 15 Dec 2001

The flag of Vysocina has been approved by the parliamentary subcommittee on 12 December 2001. At present, this flag (as well as those of South Bohemian, Central Bohemian, and Plzen Regions) are only waiting for including to next decree by the chairman of the House. All these flags were hence approved by all relevant bodies but they have not yet been formally granted.
Jan Zrzavy, 13 Jan 2002

The symbols of the Vysocina Region (Moravian eagle, hedgehog from the COA of city of Jihlava, rowan-tree branch, Bohemian lion) were formally granted by the chairman of the Parliament.
Jan Zrzavy, 28 Mar 2002

Vysočina region emblem

[Vysocina region emblem] by Petr Exner, 31 Jan 2002, from his website.

See the new edition of Petr Exner's vexillological page for an image of the new COA of the Vysocina Region (CZE) and note that the regional flag is an armorial banner.
Jan Zrzavy, 31 Jan 2002

Vysočina region preliminary emblem

[Vysocina region proposed emblem] by Petr Exner, 18 Jun 2001, from his website.

Today, the official COA and flag contest has been declared by the council of the Vysocina Region (Czech Republic; = former Jihlava Region; "Vysocina" = Highlands). The symbols should include Bohemian lion, Moravian eagle, and the capital's (Jihlava) red hedgehog (no surprise) plus something that would symbolize the region. The possibility of including the Javorina Mt. has
been mentioned once again.
Source: Czech Radio.
Jan Zrzavy, 7 Jun 2001

Five proposals for symbols of the Vysocina Region (Czech Republic) were selected. One of them should be accepted as the regional COA (and BOA). There are no images, so only short descriptions:
COA and flag are quartered. The upper hoist is blue with the Moravian eagle (red-white checkered). The upper fly is white with a red hedgehog (from the COA of the city of Jihlava; = 'Iglau' = 'der Igel' = 'the hedgehog', so the COA is canting). The lower fly is red with the Bohemian lion (white, double-tailed). All the variations apply to the lower hoist field:

1. yellow with three green hills and the blue 5-pointed star
2. white with a blue snowflake
3. white with a branch of the rowan-tree
4. white with a branch of the potato (with 5 flowers)
5. white with a tree and crossed agriculture tools.

BTW, there is a problem how to translate the name of the region. In Czech, it is "kraj Vysočina", where "vysočina" = "highlands". However, the English regional web page is entitled "VYSOČINA REGION", so we should accept this version.
Jan Zrzavy, 27 Aug 2001

At this site is a clickable title "Anketa o znaku kraje". All five proposals for the regional COA are depicted and described there, with a possibility to vote for the best proposal (the frames below inlude the following data - "jmeno" = name, "adresa" = address, "komentar" = comment, "odeslat" = send, "vymazat" = clear).
The more detailed text (all in Czech) suggest that the expert commision tends to combine several proposals: the 3rd field will probably be silver/white, with green hills and with the blue star substituted by some figure from other proposals (snowflake, potato flowers, rowanberries, or crossed weeder and hammer).
Jan Zrzavy, 11 Sep 2001

More news from Czech regions: the session of the Regional Assembly of the Vysocina Region (former "Jihlava Region") will take course next Tuesday (20 November) and will discuss three proposals for regional COA (and BOA).
All are quartered, all share Moravian eagle in 1st field, red hedgehog in 2nd (silver) field and Bohemian lion in 4th field. There are three variants of 3rd field (no details available):

  • A branch of rowan tree (on silver field)
  • A blue snowflake (on silver field)
  • Three (green?) hills on silver (?) field, the central hill is lower than both marginal, above the central hill is a rowan-tree branch.
Jan Zrzavy, 9 Nov 2001

The three final proposals for the COA of Vysocina Region (Czech Republic) are available at this website, and ...foto2.jpg and ...foto3.jpg.
The COA will be discussed by the Regional Assembly next Tuesday. BTW, all proposals symbolize the cold, mountaineous region between Bohemia and Moravia (Moravian eagle, Bohemian lion, Jihlava hedgehog).
Jan Zrzavy, 15 Nov 2001