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Jihad flags (Iran)

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Yā Hussain flags

Yā Hussain flag (Iran) image located by Esteban Rivera, 30 November 2014

In this picture (, source: taken back in 2010, there is a green flag in the middle with red lettering.

It seems to be a religious prayer: "Yā Hussain is an Arabic phrase used by Shia Muslims to invoke the memory or intervention of Hussain ibn Ali. It is especially used in the context of the Mourning of Muharram."

I've also seen the following variants:
- Black background with red letters (see image at Ya Husain flag): (source:
- White background with red letters: (source:

Here is the explanation:
Iran Islam Shia Ya Husain Religious, Political & Military Flag

The Inscription on the flag reads YA HUSAIN. He was the 3rd Imam of all Shia who was martyred in Karbala, Iraq, centuries ago & is a symbol for all Shias to raise against the Oppressors.

The wording above YA HUSAIN is the Famous Hadith of Prophet Muhammad that reads: " INNA-HUSAIN mISBAHUL-HUDA WA SAFINATUN-NAJAT" that means Husain is the Lighthouse of Islamic Guidance for the lost ships & the Rescue ship.

Such flags are mostly used by Shia Political & Military Groups in Iran & Lebanon."
Esteban Rivera, 30 November 2014

Not quite sure if it is a religious phrase. Mourning of Muharram was the day Hussain was murdered (some kind of genesis story of Shiite vs. Sunnite Muslims). Basically it means something like "Remember Hussein" (and forever don't be friend with his murderers). The event marks the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala when Imam Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, and a Shia Imam, was killed by the forces of the second Umayyad caliph Yazid I at Karbala.
Dirk Schönberger, 30 November 2014

Red Jihad War flag / Red Flag of Revenge

Red Jihad flag (Iran) image located by Bill Garrison, 21 November 2022

On 4 Jan 2020 various media reported that a "Red flag of jihad war" had been raised above the Jamkaran mosque in the Shiite holy city of Qom, Iran. Rather than being raised as an actual "declaration of war" by Iran against the U.S., It had been raised in memorium to honor Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, who had been killed by an American-drone airstrike early on 3 Jan 2020. The white slogan on the red flag reads: "Those who want to avenge the blood of Hussein", who was a Shiite warrior who died as a martyr/shahid in battle in Oct. 680 AD in Karbala, Iraq. Its raising heralds a declaration that Shiites are ready for war against the U.S. in retaliation for both the killing of Soleimani, as well as in opposition to the economically harmful U.S.-led oil embargo against Iran. Red flags in Shiite tradition symbolize both blood spilled unjustly (such as Hussain & Soleimani) and serve as a call to avenge a person who is slain while defending either the Shiite religion or the Shiite-oriented Iranian government. Other similar "Hussain" commemoration flags are usually less militaristic, in that that they usually merely read "Ya, Hussain" in a prayerful appeal for Hussain's spirit to assist troubled Shiites.

source: and/or
Bill Garrison, 5 January 2020

Various media are claiming that a "Red Flag of Revenge" has been flown at the same mosque.
"Iran Raises ‘Red Flag Of Revenge’ In Holy City Of Qom" -

Briefly, a Ukrainian officer claimed that this flag raising meant that Iran was declaring war against those countries that were opposing Russia's early 2022 invasion of Ukraine. and elsewhere: "WATCH: Iran unveils red flag of revenge against America at mosque"
Both flags are the same. So now the "Red Jihad War Flag" has morphed into the "Red Flag of Revenge" within the media. In actuality, this "red flag" is not specifically pro-Soleimani, nor anti-U.S., nor pro-Russia, but raised more in a prayerful appeal for Imam Hussain's spirit to assist troubled Shiites during troubling times.

Bill Garrison, 21 November 2022

Jaish al-Adl

Jaish al-Adl flag (Iran) image located by Bill Garrison, 5 April 2020

Citation: Pakistan and Afghanistan share a common border. Inside Pakistan, pro-Sunni-Muslim "Jaish al-Adl" group, which is anti-Shia-Muslim Iran;, c. Oct. 2018.

Jaish al-Adl, is a Salafi jihadist militant organization that operates mainly in southeastern Iran, where there is a substantial concentration of Sunni Baluchis and a porous border with Pakistan.
Bill Garrison, 5 April 2020

Jaish al-Adl flag (Iran) image located by Bill Garrison, 3 November 2020

I just found another version of the Iran resistance Jaish al-Adl flag: source:
Caption: "Members of the anti-Iranian, Sunni-Muslim "Jaish al-Adl" ("Army of Justice") stand in front of their militia's flag, c. Oct. 2018."
Bill Garrison, 3 November 2020