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Specifications and Construction Sheets (Oman)

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[Construction Sheet (Oman)] 4:7  image by Željko Heimer, 18 August 2004

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According to Album des Pavillons 2000 [pay00] the new national flag was adopted in 1995, redefining the relative sizes of the coloured flag fields. [pay00] gives the relative width of the hoist red field towards the fly tricolour field as 18:42 (...) as compared with the pre-1995 1:2. The current fly stripes are all of equal width, while the old version had the stripes as 2:1:2.
Željko Heimer
, 21 August 2002

Armand du Payrat [pay] sent me copies of a few pages from a document in Arabic. Two pages include images and detailed construction sheets for the two non-1:2 versions. (...) Notably, the size of the emblem is not prescribed there. From the images in the document it is hard to judge the size, since the images there are schematic [i.e. not proportional].
Željko Heimer
, 15 September 2002

According to the "Times of Oman" (22 May 2004), Sultan Qaboos ibn Said issued on 21 May 2004 Royal Decree # 53/2004 promulgating the law on the state flag, its emblem and national anthem:
"Article one of the decree states that the provisions of the attached law shall be effective on the state flag, emblem and national anthem.
Article two says all that concerns the state flag, its emblem and national anthem shall be correct and effective until the date on which this law comes into force.
Article three empowers the minister of the "diwan" of royal court to issue required regulations and decisions to implement provisions of this law.
The decree comes into force from its date of issue."
Ivan Sache, 26 May 2004

I have recently received a copy of the Flag Law of Oman. The red vertical panel is one-third the length, the horizontal stripes are equal in width and the proportions vary according to the size of the flag being used. Anyway I reproduce the relevant parts below:
Law on the State Flag, Emblem and National Anthem dated 1 June 2004 (to be read with Royal Decree No. (53/2004) issued on May 22, 2004)

Article 2:
The flag is the state's symbol of sovereignty and the evidence of its presence, independence and official participation.
Article 3:
The flag consists of three colours - white, red and green - and it bears the emblem as per specifications and measurements in Supplement number 1.
Article 4:
The flag is raised on buildings of ministries and other government authorities; military and security institutions; establishments where the state contributes to; buildings of Omani embassies; consulates and trade representation offices; airports, castles and fortresses; seaports and foreign ships and vessels as they enter Omani ports and Omani naval vessels.

Article 10:
The emblem consists of two Omani traditional intersecting swords and the Omani Khanjar is in the middle as per the figure in Supplement 2.
Article 11:
The emblem is placed in front of government buildings and on the state's official documents, papers and seals.

[There is here a line drawing and coloured flag illustration but my copy is of poor quality and is in black/white]
One. The flag's official specifications
The flag is rectangular in shape and consists of a vertical unit by the mast and three horizontal units

  • One-third of the flag, parallel to the mast, is red in colour. On its upper quarter, the emblem in white colour is situated.
  • The three horizontal units have the following colours:
            The white in the upper
            The red in the middle connected with the vertical unit parallel to the mast.
            The green in the lower.
  • The following materials and colours are used in the flag's making.
            Fabric spun polyester, woven weight 165gm.
            Colours: Banto - New ORM. C2X - Red
            Banto - New ORM. CNE 354 C2X - Green

  • The mast of the flag
            Flag measurement, mast length
            2x1 metre - 6 metres
            2x3.50 metre - 10 metres
            3x1.7 metre - 12 metres
  • Masts are specified as follow:
            Six-metre mast is installed at main and sub-streets
            Ten-metre mast is installed on building of one-storey and above.
            Twelve-metre mast is installed on the ground in front of buildings and at airports facing guest's aircraft and in front of protocols hall.
  • Car flag measurement: 35x25cm.
  • Table flag measurement: 26x17cm

    Christopher Southworth, 12 August 2004The flag decree mentioned is available online at I was able to
    find a detailed emblem at

    Zachary Harden, 16 March 2023

    Flag Variants

    [Construction Sheet, Flag for Government Buildings (Oman)] 4:7      [Construction Sheet, Flag for Ceremonies (Oman)] 5:7
    both images by Željko Heimer, 15 September 2002

    In the official document provided by Armand du Payrat [pay], the dimensions of the flag are given in centimeters:

    • Flag for Government Buildings: overall size is 200 x 300 cm, the three stripes are therefore 66.6 cm each, while the length is divided into 116 cm red field and 234 cm of tricolour fly.
    • Flag for Ceremonies: flag 25 x 35 cm, each tricolour stripe 8.3 cm; length 10 cm red, 25 cm tricolour.
    Album des Pavillons 2000 [pay00] gives the second ratio as 5:9, which is incorrect, resulting from a misinterpretation of the Arabic numerals.
    Željko Heimer, 15 September 2002