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Jacobo Hunter District (Arequipa, Peru)

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Jacobo Hunter flag
image by Zoltan Horvath, 10 April 2012

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About the flag

It seems that Jacobo Hunter District flag is a bit different that it was previously reported. It has dark green, white and brown equal vertical stripes with its Coat of Arm in the middle of the white stripe.
Image of flag. (Three flags can be seen at left side of this picture: Arequipa, Peruvian national flag, and district flag) This image is located at this page: (Plaza de Armas Municipalidad de Jacobo Hunter)
Other renditions:
I have also found a blogspot about regional, provincial and district flags of Peru. You can find symbols of Jacobo Hunter district here.
Zoltan Horvath, 10 April 2012

I'm quite sure they depict those as being related to that district, but previous experience has told us overview pages can be "less than accurate" sometimes. I'm not saying this is a flag that belongs to a completely different entity; past overview pages have demonstrated such errors, but the photograph of City Arms Square clearly shows we, and they, are on the right track. But just like the Peru flag on that photograph has arms added, so may the Jacob Hunter flag have gotten them added, especially considering the name of the square. It doesn't necessarily mean that the official version of the flag does indeed have those arms. Well, I guess we do have rule of three that the flag does indeed include the arms. So, might assume so too.
But, stubborn as I am, when information conflicts, I like to have something I can point to. So, hitting the problem with my head a few tie more, I came up with the district website, and the document on it that describes the flag: The annexes to the development plan 2007-2015.
In it, it says:
La bandera del distrito de Jacobo Hunter, fue creada en el año 1992 y está conformada por tres franjas de color marrón, blanco y verde, respectivamente."
THE FLAG OF THE DISTRICT JACOBO HUNTER The flag of the district of Jacobo Hunter, was created in the year 1992  and is composed of three bands of colour, respectively brown, white and green.
And then explains that the brown stands for the desert terrain the  settlers of the district encountered in the past, the green for their  current economical activities of nurturing plants and tourists (well  "agriculture and tourism" would probably be a stricter translation c-:),  and the white characterises the citizens themselves. It should come as  no surprise that the image next to it, sets aside half the space for the heroes of the story, represented by the white. It is, in other words, basically the same image that Antonio drew, just  with slight differences in shades of colours and theirs is drawn in motion.
It then continues with the description of the arms, the most important bit of which, for us, is: "El escudo del distrito Jacobo Hunter, fue creado en el año 1994 ..." The arms of the district of Jacobo Hunter, were created in the year 1994 ...In other words, the arms only came into existence two years after the  flag had been created. Since developments in meta-physics seem quite  slow at the moment, I feel we can safely say that the flag of 1992 did not include those arms, as those arms didn't exist at the time.
In my opinion, the flag described here was since 1992 the de jure flag of Jacobo Hunter. Whether it was the de facto flag, I don't know. The fact that this description was include in the 2007 development plan suggest that, at least by 2006, the flag was still the de jure flag, but it may have been included through neglect (see below). If we want to confirm that, or want to ask what has happened since, I suggest someone who can think the language a bit better ask the district.
The same annex, also tells us that Jacobo Hunter was a Scottish  physician, born in the United States. I expect his mother called him  "James". He arrived in Peru in 1859 and spent most of his life in the  Arequipa region, with his accomplishments raging from providing medical  assistance for 65 years to helping in the defence of the country in the  wars. Well-known and respected in national circles, including the friendship of several presidents, his death in 1926 must have been  lamented widely and apparently eventually lead to a district being named after him.
The fact that the document claims that 1 September of this year 65 years have passed since his death, and thus that we're living in the year 1991, approximately one year after the creation of the district, suggests that that text may have been written either because of the chosen name, or maybe on the occasion of the naming of the district if  that did not coincide with the district's creation, and that nobody paid  any attention to it since. This does cast some doubt on the continued validity of the flag information in the same document.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 11 April 2012

Previously Reported Flag

Jacobo Hunter flag
image by António Martins, 08 Feb 2006

District of Jacobo Hunter is in Province of Arequipa. The flag and the coat of arms are in the official website.
Valentin Poposki, 06 Feb 2006

The official flag image on line shows an inequal vertical triband of brown, white and blue-green (1+2+1), but the bounting ribbon in the official emblem image on line suggests it may be red.
António Martins, 08 Feb 2006