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Krasnodar Territory (Russia)

Krasnodarskiĭ kraĭ

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Краснодарский край

Flag of Krasnodar Region image by Pascal Gross, Pascal Vagnat and Dirk Schönberger, 21 May 2000
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Presentation of Krasnodar Territory

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  • Name (English): Krasnodar Territory • (Russian): Краснодарский край | Krasnodarskiĭ kraĭ
  • Capital: Краснодар | Krasnodar
  • Area: 76 000 km2 (~29 300 sq.mi.) • Population: 5 058 400 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Territory (край | kraĭ) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Northern Caucasus • Economic region: Northern Caucasus
  • License plate code: 23 • Ham radio code: KR • ISO 3166-2 code: KDA
  • Flag adopted on 1995.06.01 • Coat of arms adopted on unkn. date

Description of the flag

The flag of the Krasnodar territory is horizontally blue over purple over green, the central stripe being double of each of the two others, the arms of the territory over all in the middle. The coat of arms is a bit complicated and is quite the same than the historical coat of arms of the former territory of Kuban. The flag was adopted on the first of June 1995. Proportions 2:3.
Pascal Vagnat, 27 Jun 1997

The middle stripe should be red-raspberry. It is difficult to know exactly to what corresponds this colour. Jiri Tenora says that this colour is either dark red (R+) or purple (P). He says that this is malinorot (from Russian malina, raspberry + German Rot, red), the typical colour of the East German Civil Defence.
Pascal Vagnat, 09 Apr 1999

I’ve just saw the Mayor of Soĉi on TV; behind him, the Russian national flag and the regional flag of Krasnodar: I can confirm the light reddish purple malinorot, the medium dark green of the bottom stripe, and this greyish/lightish sort of blue.
António Martins, 26 Jul 1999

The coat of arms on the flag is all golden with black fimbriations according to the Law of the Territory of Krasnodar on the symbols of the Territory of Krasnodar (4th April 1995). According to Jiri Tenora, the colour form of the coat of arms is only to be found in the Legislative Assembly and official publications. Everywhere else (shops, means of transport, et c…), it is golden. The height of the coat of arms on the flag is ca. 3:4 the height of the flag. Source: [cdd97]
Pascal Vagnat, 09 Apr 1999

One of the elements of the coat of arms is a пернач | pernaĉ, a kind of cossack sceptre.
António Martins, 12 Mar 2000

Variation without the arms

Flag of Krasnodar Region image by António Martins, 21 May 2000

I found in the web an image of the flag of Krasnodar, but without the arms in the center.
Pascal Gross, 09 Apr 1999

This flag, with medium blue bottom stripe, is listed under number 95 at the chart Flags of Aspirant Peoples [eba94] as: «Kuban Cossacks - South-East Russia».
Ivan Sache, 15 Sep 1999

(Анапа, a county-status city)

Flag of Anapa image by Pascal Gross, 12 Feb 2000

Anapa is on the site of the old Greek colony Gorgippia, hence the ancient ship (trireme?). Quoting from Webster’s New Geographical Dictionary (1988):

Anapa is a seaport on the Black Sea coast, formerly a Turkish fortress founded to maintain Turkish relations with Caucasian region 1781; twice captured and restored by Russia, finally remained Russian by terms of Treaty of Adrianople, 1829.
Jarig Bakker, 12 Feb 2000

Armavir / Армавир

Jens Pattke, 26 Oct 2005

Our colleague Jens Pattke (Frankfurt/Oder, Germany) has drawn images of flag and coat of arms of the city-municipality of Armavir in the Kray of Krasnodar (Russian Federation). On October, 20, 2005 by the Decision number 103 the municipal Duma (council) of Armavir has adopted a flag and coat of arms of city-municipality of Armavir. The flag is s.c. armorial flag and occurs (repeats) the coat of arms of city. In 1839 on the left coast of the Kuban river at a confluence of her the Urup river have been moved mountain Armenians (resettlement of Armenians in mountains of Northern Caucasus began at the end of XIV century, after wreck Armenian Kilikia Kingdom). Crossing of two blue strips on a flag and coat of arms shows a place of merge of two rivers near to which the city has been founded. In 1848 to this Armenian settlement name *Armavir* has been given, in honour of ancient capital of Great Armenia in 4-2 centuries B.C. Armavir quickly developed, in 1876 became status of village, and in 1914 under the decree of emperor has been transformed into city. The greatest development has manufacture of sunflower oil, on which scales Armavir has borrowed leading position in all Russian Empire. Therefore development of the industry is reflected in a flag and coat of arms by a flower of sunflower. The sunflower - a symbol of a prosperity, prosperity, heat and peace. The peace and consent, in which during all history of Armavir in him representatives more than eighty nationalities live, it is displayed in a flag and coat of arms white (silver) cadux. The cadux - is a ancient emblem of peaceful disposition becoming subsequently a traditional symbol of trade and crafts, also displays the commerce advanced in city and the industry.

  • Yellow - a symbol of riches, stability, respect, intelligence.
  • White - a symbol of cleanliness, perfection, the world and mutual understanding.
  • Blue - a symbol of honour, nobleness, spirituality, also on a flag and on coat of arms of city symbolizes the rivers on which there is this city.
  • Red - a symbol of work, force, courage and beauty.
Author's group:
  • Idea of a flag and coat of arms : Mr.Vladimir Pavlyuchenkov (Armavir), Mr.Sergey Ktitorov (Armavir), Mr.Igor Akimov (Armavir), Mr.Mikhail Sharunov (Krasnodar), Mr.Konstantin Mochyonov (Khimki, Director of the Union of Heraldistes of Russia, UHR)
  • A substantiation of symbolics: Mr.Sergey Ktitorov (Armavir), Mr.Cyril Perekhodenko (Konakovo)
  • The artist and computer design: Ms.Galina Rusanova (Moscow, UHR).
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 26 Oct 2005

Andrew Weeks, 18 Aug 2011

Dinskoy rayon / Динской район

image by Valentin Poposki, 26 Dec 2011

Valentin Poposki, 26 Feb 2012

Tuapsinskiy rayon / Туапсинский район

image by Valentin Poposki, 24 Dec 2011