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Dictionary of Vexillology: T (Trade Union Banner - Tressure Fleury)

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See ‘banner 3)’.

A flag, as opposed to a banner as defined herein, that is representative of a trade union or an affiliation of such unions (see also ‘banner 3)’).

Metal Industry Union, German General Labour Confederation, Columbia General Workers Union, Portugal
Metal Industry Union, Germany (fotw); General Labour Confederation, Colombia (fotw); General Workers Union, Portugal (fotw)

Please note that, in both historical and/or contemporary terms, a trade union flag and a political flag can often be very closely linked – see ‘political flag 2)’.

1) In UK military and some other usage, a term for marching with a colour or flag dragging on the ground, or standing in that position, and is employed as a mark of respect to the head of state at funerals or as a token of victory in a parade of captured enemy colours – but see ‘vailing’ (also ‘dipping 1)’).
2) An uncommon method of saluting using a flag hoisted on a pole - the flag is lowered until it just touches the ground for a few seconds, and then raised smartly - practiced in some monarchies as a salute to a member of the royal family.

An alternative term for the sinister edge of a vertically hung banner or a gonfalon – see ‘sinister edge 2)’.

trailing edge

Please note, that this term has been introduced by the Editors as a vexillological alternative to the heraldically derived "sinister edge".

A medieval term, now obsolete, for a banner on a crossbar.

The heraldic term used when a charge or animal has been pierced with an arrow, sword, lance or other weapon (see also ‘pierced 2)’).

flag of Sencur, Slovenia arms of Lipnica, Poland flag of Lipnica, Poland
Flag of Senčur, Slovenia (fotw); Arms and Flag of Lipnica, Poland (fotw);

An alternative heraldic term to reversed - see ‘reversed 2)’.

transposed example transposed example
Arms and Flag of Milower, Germany (fotw)

Heraldically derived terms used when the charge on a flag is shown as being rotated 90 degrees from the position in which it is usually seen.

[transversant cross example] [transversant shield example]

An alternative heraldic term to contourne - see ‘contourné’.

[transversed example]
Flag of Bergues, France (fotw )

1) A charge similar to a triangle but with the apex squared, as in the flag of Kuwait (see also ‘triangle’).
2) The alternative terms used to describe a triangular pennant whose apex is squared - a trapezoidal pennant (see also ‘code pennant’, ‘numeral pennant’ and ‘pennant 2)’.

[Kuwait - Trapezium example] Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes US
National Flag of Kuwait (fotw); Pennant of the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, US (fotw)

See ‘trapezoid 2)’.

[Kuwait - Trapezium example]
Burgee of the Watersportvereniging Werkendam, The Netherlands (fotw)

The heraldic term for a charge in the form of a stylized flower or plant with three petals or leaves, and which is almost invariably shown bearing a stalk (see also ‘cinquefoil’, ‘cloverstems’, ‘cross botonny’ and ‘quatrefoil’)

trefoil trefoil trefoil
Flag of Trpinja, Croatia (fotw); Flag of Ungersheim, France (fotw); Flag of Mladenovac, Serbia (fotw)

Please note that a cloverleaf and the traditional Irish emblem – a shamrock – are also trefoils.

trefoil shamrock
Burgee of the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club (fotw)

In heraldry see ‘cross botonny’.

[trefoil cross flag] [trefoil cross flag]
Flag of Boudevilliers, Switzerland (fotw); Arms of Vestby, Norway (fotw)

The heraldic term used by some writers to describe a narrow single border inset from the edges of a shield, banner of arms or a flag – but see ‘orle 1)’ and its following note (also ‘border’, ‘double-tressure’ and ‘inset border’).

Turkey customs tressure
Flag of the Customs Administration, Turkey (fotw); Rank Flag of a General Officer, Croatia (fotw)

In heraldry see ‘fleury’ and ‘tressure’ (also ‘double-tressure fleury counter fleury’).

Turkey customs Turkey customs
Flag and Arms of Vang, Norway (fotw)

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