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Communist Parties and Groups (Brazil)

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Partido Comunista Brasileiro (PCB)

Brazilian Communist Party

[Brazilian Communist Party] image by Guillermo Tell Aveledo

The PCB flag can be seen at
Dov Gutterman, 8 March 1999

Typical communist party with a typical communist flag: red with a large hammer and sickle centered and the initials PCB below.
Jorge Candeias, 7 June 1999

The PCB is the remnant left behind when the main portion of the old (pro-USSR) Brazilian Communist Party became the Popular Socialist Party (PPS) in 1993.
Joseph McMillan, 16 April 2001

The flag is defined in Article 5 of the party statute: "red with the symbol of the hammer and sickle and the initials PCB in yellow." The PCB failed to elect any federal deputies or senators in the 2002 election.
Joseph McMillan, 5 November 2002

Partido Comunista do Brasil (PC do B)

Communist Party of Brazil

Flag in Current Use

Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) image by Jorge Candeias and Joseph McMillan

Variant Design

Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) image by Jorge Candeias

An animated image of this party flag can be seen at
Dov Gutterman, 8 March 1999

Another communist party, with a somewhat original communist flag--original in having the hammer and sickle within an oval or circular ring. The version with the oval ring is based in an animated image found in the party site. Officially, it should have a circular ring and the name of the party in an arc below according to my interpretation of chapter I, title I of the party's regulations, which read:

Article 3 - The emblem of the Communist Party of Brazil - PC do B - is composed of a hammer and a sickle, crossed, symbolizing the alliance between the working class and the peasants, on the field of a circle, under which is inscribed in a quarter of an arc the name Partido Comunista do Brasil.
Jorge Candeias, 7 June 1999

I've spotted the flag with white letters and initials on cable TV (on the Sistema Brasileira de Televisão) during the 2000 presidential campaign.
Guillermo Tell Aveledo, 18 September 2000

During the Brazilian presidential election campaign of 2002, I found a number of photos of the PCdoB flag, all with the ring around the hammer and sickle and the initials in an inverted arc at the bottom, all in white. A photo sent to the Flags of the World mailing list by Jorge Candeias probably is a PCdoB flag because the last two letters look like they could be a lower case o and an upper case B, but the flag should correctly have the ring.
Joseph McMillan, 21 March 2003

The PCdoB split from the main Brazilian communist party, the PCB, in 1958 after Nikita Khrushchev condemned the crimes of Joseph Stalin.  The PCdoB took a Maoist orientation, then shifted its allegiance to Albania when China began economic reforms and finally abandoned foreign models altogether when Albania overthrew communist rule in 1992.  The PCdoB maintains a hardline Marxist-Leninist agenda and has a substantial presence on university campuses.  It won 12 seats in the Chamber of Deputies in the 2002 elections.
Joseph McMillan, 15 April 2001 and 5 November 2002

União da Juventude Socialista

Union of Socialist Youth

Union of Socialist Youth/PCdoB (Brazil) image by Joseph McMillan

There are at least two groups in Brazil calling themselves juventude socialista (socialist youth). The União da Juventude Socialista, or Union of Socialist Youth, is the PCdoB affiliate. What seems to be the main flag is red with the party initials and the name in smaller letters below, based on a photograph of a rally. The style of lettering is from the UJS pages at the PCdoB website. The same set of photographs, however, also shows a blue flag with the letters UJS in white down the hoist, and the rest of the words spelling out the name in black letters across the flag. Probably unofficial, since it isn't red.
Joseph McMillan, 10 November 2002

Partido Comunista Marxista Leninista (PCML)

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party

[Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (Brazil)] image by Guillermo Tell Aveledo

Not represented in Congress.
Joseph McMillan, 16 April 2001

Partido da Causa Operária

Party of the Working Cause

[Party of the Working Cause (Brazil)] image by Joseph McMillan

Here's the flag of the Partido da Causa Operária, which I think translates as something like "Party of the Working Cause," a Trotskyite communist party.
Source: Party website
Joseph McMillan, 25 February 2003

Resistência Popular

Popular Resistance

[Popular Resistance (Brazil)] image by Joseph McMillan

One more far-left political flag, that of Resistência Popular (Popular Resistance), a group calling for class struggle, direct action to redistribute property and the means of production, and rejection of the democratic electoral process. They don't like President Lula any more than they Fernando Henrique Cardoso--maybe less. The flag is from the website of the São Paulo branch.
Joseph McMillan, 25 February 2003

I think they could be better described as some kind of almost anarchist group. It bears some things in common with anarchists, as the organization of a stateless society, but I think they don't follow exactly the anarchist "philosophy of life," especially regarding the absence of authority or hierarchy.
Bjorn Hannenson, 25 February 2003