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Colombia - Sport Flags

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Boyacá Chicó F.C.

image by Esteban Rivera, 7 March 2010

Today on the website, which is a website that reports and broadcasts news related to Colombian Top Tier Soccer League, features a video showing the flag of a soccer team called  Boyacá Chicó F.C. The flag is a checkered flag, as seen in this video.  (Video application can be located on the right hand side).
"Boyacá Chicó Fútbol Club is a Colombian football club based in the city of Tunja. The club was founded on March 26, 2002 in Bogotá as Deportivo Bogotá Chicó F.C. named after one of the city's  neighborhoods".
- Boyacá Chicó 2010-3-7 (snapshot of the video, elapsed time approximately 5 seconds after it starts).

The flags seen are from left to right: Boyacá, Colombia  and Boyacá Chicó F.C.
For additional information please see: Boyacá Chicó F.C. (official website)
Esteban Rivera, 7 March 2010

image by Eugene Ipavec, 20 June 2010

The flag in the video is checkered blue/white, 10 pieces high. However I've located a photo of an official club function where the is chequy 6 pieces high and the color scheme light green/white (which matches the uniforms). This would seem to suggest that the details may not matter very much, just so long as there is checkering (which is BTW apparently derived from the bordure of the club emblem:
Eugene Ipavec, 20 June 2010

Colombian Institute of Sport (Instituto Colombiano del Deporte)

image by Eugene Ipavec, 24 August 2010

image by Eugene Ipavec, 24 August 2010

image by Eugene Ipavec, 24 August 2010

"Instituto Colombiano del Deporte" (COLDEPORTES) was founded on 6 November 1968 by the Ministry of Culture (Decree No. 2743).
COLDEPORTES is a state organism ruling the Sports National System, encompassing the Colombian Olympic Committe, the Colombian Paralympic Committee, national sports federations and several other entities.

Up to now, Colombia has won nine medals in the summer Olympic Games:
1972 (Munich)
Helmut Bellingrodt : Shooting / Running game target (silver)
Alfonso Perez: Boxing / Lightweight (bronze)
Clemente Rojas: Boxing / Featherweight (bronze)
1984 (Los Angeles)
Helmut Bellingrodt : Shooting / Running game target (silver)
1992 (Barcelona)
Ximena Restrepo Gaviria: Athletics / 400 m (bronze)
1988 (Seoul)
Jorge Eliécer Julio Rocha: Boxing / Bantamweight (bronze)
2000 (Sydney)
María Isabel Urrutia Ocoró: Weightlifting / - 75 kg (gold)
2004 (Athens)
Mabel Mosquera Mena: Weightlifting / - 53 kg (bronze)
María Luisa Calle Williams: Cycling / Points race (bronze)  

The flag of COLDEPORTES, according to the photo shown on the website of COLDEPORTES, is white with a runner's black silhouette surmounting three yellow, blue and red rings (indeed the three Olympic rings matching the Colombian national colours), the whole inscribed in a black ring, surmounted by the black writing COLDEPORTES and surmounting the black writing INSTITUTO COLOMBIANO / DEL DEPORTE.  
A table flag with the writings swapped can be seen on photos taken during the visit of Jacques Rogge, President of IOC, to COLDEPORTES.
The two versions of the flag have a fringe reproducing the design of the Colombian national flag.
Ivan Sache, 4 January 2008

On August 4, 2010 I spotted a variant of the Coldeportes flag.  The flag is a white horizontal flag but with the new coat of arms on the middle.
I first saw this flag from a picture of a meeting, on the website of the DIMAYOR (however, since the website has changed its content, the DIMAYOR link provided does not show the flag anymore).
It's also important to notice that on the official website of Coldeportes, the flag has a tricolor diagonal border, as seen on this  picture.
Esteban Rivera, 15 August 2010

2012 logos

image by Zachary Harden, 22 July 2018

In 2012 there was a new logo adopted by the agency to be more in line with other government bodies in a unified branding (source: What I can tell is the rings below the "man in motion" was removed and the outer ring was changed from solid black to the three colors of the national flag in almost a paint-brush effect. The logo font changed and the state emblem was added to the left of the overall mark. The logo can be seen at As for the flag, it did change with the logo. It can be seen at

The Olympic Committee of Colombia flag did not change.

image by Zachary Harden, 22 July 2018

The Colombia Paralympic Committee is a logo on white; it can (also) be seen at

Zachary Harden, 22 July 2018

Olympic Committee of Colombia

image by Zoltan Horvath, 15 November 2012

The COC (Comité Olímpico Colombiano, Colombian Olympic Committtee) has changed its logo, thus changing its flag.
The new logo is seen here. (Source: Facebook profile of the Colombian Olympic Committee)
The new flag then is the new logo on a horizontal background.
For additional information go to: COC (official website):
Esteban Rivera, 15 April 2012

There is an evidence of the current flag change for the Colombian Olympic Committee. (flag on the right)
The flag is the new logo on a white horizontal background, and the picture belongs to a meeting during the Asamblea General Ordinaria 2012 (2012 Ordinary General Assembly) held on March 28, 2012.
Esteban Rivera, 30 June 2012

Previous flags:

image by António Martins-Tuválkin and Juan Manuel Gabino, 29 June 2009

image by António Martins-Tuválkin and Juan Manuel Gabino, 29 June 2009

On on 6 Sep 2003, Felipe Carrillo contributed images of two Colombian National Olympic Committee flags: Both are 2:3 white with an emblem centered on the cloth, emblem taking about half the height in width. This emblem is a plain Colombian national flag stretched to a ratio of about 4:9 above a representation of the Olympic rings. One of the flag variants adds the country name in black bold serif capitals above the flag.
In Felipe Carrillo’s image the Olympic rings are shown much thicker than usual and not interlocked; I suppose this is a drawing error and not an actual design feature. I note also the use of different shades of blue, yellow, and red (in the flag panels and the respective ring), which might be due to the use of inhomogeneous clipart. I kept this, against my own opinion, to keep it in pace with our own images of the national and Olympic flags.
António Martins-Tuválkin, 29 June 2009

See also: Olympics and National Olympic committees

Colombian Football Federation (Federacion Colombiana de Futbol)

image by Eugene Ipavec, 25 August 2005

I found this flag of the Federación Colombiana de Fútbol (official website at: which is the official Colombian Sport institution in charge of all national soccer teams. It was established, shut down and it later merged with other national soccer associations to be finally set up in its "current version" in 1971. For more historical background check (in Spanish) Regarding its symbols, you can reach them at The flag is plain white with the symbol in the center.
E.R., 11 August 2005

The colors in the TV screenshots were a bit washed out--I took the football to be beige.
Eugene Ipavec, 11 August 2005

From the pictures it seems that the soccer ball is beige (instead of red, as the logo shows).
E.R., 11 August 2005

image by Tomislav Šipek, 31 March 2019

I found flag with a red ball on the logo. So, I am now not sure if this is true color or a newer version of the logo.
Tomislav Šipek, 31 March 2019


image by Eugene Ipavec, 23 December 2005

image by Eugene Ipavec, 23 December 2005

This is the flag of the DIMAYOR (División Mayor del Fútbol Colombiano, or Colombian Soccer Major Division in English). The DIMAYOR was established on June 27, 1948, right when professional soccer was established in Colombia. At first it included only the professional soccer clubs (First Division teams only) but it currently includes both First and Second Division teams. DIMAYOR changed its name to Asociación de Clubes del Fútbol Profesional Colombiano, but it kept
the abbreviation DIMAYOR for reference and identification purposes. The First Division is called Primera A, and the Second Division is called Primera B.
The flag should be the emblem on white background. A variant of the flag is the same emblem but on yellow background (the yellow color.
E.R, 23 December 2005

In 2016 they changed their logo again, and a new flag is displayed. An official tweet ( from their official Twitter account @Dimayor ( states that "after 8 years we are renovated", dated October 20, 2016. However, this statement is not entirely true, since the last logo had been in use since 2005. The new logo features a soccer ball in the middle, in the Adidas Telstar design, and twenty pentagons in different colors, one outer ring with 10, and one inner ring with 10 as well, representing the different professional teams.

Furthermore, the new logo became a controversial issue because of its extreme similarity to the 2022 FIFA World Cup logo.

The new flag is a white horizontal background with the new logo as seen here (second flag from left to right): (source:
Esteban Rivera, 1 August 2018

Previous Symbols

image by Eugene Ipavec, 23 December 2005

image by Eugene Ipavec, 23 December 2005

Atletico Nacional (Nacional de Medellin)

image by Felipe Carrillo, 14 March 2003

Official Flag of one of the two most popular soccer team in Colombia: Atletico Nacional (Nacional de Medellin).
Felipe Carrillo, 14 March 2003

Atlético Nacional describes a flag in their website:, using the colors of Antioquia but green over white.  Green stands for hope, nature and the Antioquian mountains, while white means peace, clarity, honesty and liberty.
Carlos Thompson, 18 March 2003

image by Ivan Sache, 21 October 2018

The club's supporters also use a flag horizontally divided green-white-green.
Ivan Sache, 21 October 2018

Deportivo Cali

image by E.R., 25 December 2005
official flag

image by Ivan Sache, 25 December 2005
fans flag

image from
coat of arms

The newspaper El Pais reports in its digital edition dated 18 December 2005 that the football club Deportivo Cali, won its eight star (championship). A picture illustrating the article shows supporters waving a green flag with a big white star.
Ivan Sache, 25 December 2005

The Colombian Soccer team is officially called Asociación Deportivo Cali, better known as Depor Cali, or Super Depor (the nick Super Depor is related to the Spanish First Division Club Deportivo La Coruña, because like the Spanish club, the Deportivo Cali is not on the top of the list but it always obtains good results and plays good soccer). The official website of the team is at The team was founded on January 16, 1943 and it plays in the City of Cali (or officially called Santiago de Cali), the capital of the Department of Valle (or Valle del Cauca, its official name). This team is actually the first Colombian soccer team that can be truly called a club, with stockholders and it is building its own Stadium as well, another country's first (
the flag with the star is not an official flag. The official flag is the same flag as the Departamento de Antioquia (see only the colors are inverted: that is green on top and white on the bottom.
E.R., 25 December 2005

Deportivo Los Millonarios (Bogota)

image by Felipe Carrillo, 15 May 2003

image by Carlos Thompson, 9 June 2003

At the site of Millonarios (Bogota) at, there is a photo where you can see a blue over white flag with the shield in the middle.  I am not sure if this flag is official in any sence.
Carlos Thompson, 18 March 2003

Felipe Carrillo sent a diagonaly divided flag. I am not sure if this flag is official.  In the web site of the club,, there is a picture , I am not sure but it seems that the flag is B-W horizontal.  In the homepage there is a picture of the public with a big B-W-B banner.
Looking at the sites of some supporters I have found the following site:  I guess that the black-blue flags are flags of the supporting group "Comandos Aziles" rather than flags of the team.  I can see both per fess N-B and quartered B-N-N-B, also a chekered blue-white falg, a plain blue flag with the CoA of the team and the city, a frew W-B-W horizontal tribands and a big W-B-W with a Y-R border in the bottom. The last picture, with the red and white flags, are supporters of Santafe, the rival team.
In another supporting website, there is a nice picture of Gardfield dress as a Millonarios supporter, with a W-B horizontal flag with the shield of the team.
This site further says (translated by me): The Club is represented by its colors blue and white which form its flag in that exact order in equal-zised horizontal bands, a shied that we can see in the attached picture and its beautiful anthem."
As I read the "official" flag should be blue on top.
Carlos Thompson, 9 June 2003

Federación Colombiana de Automovilismo Deportivo

image by Zoltan Horvath, 15 September 2017

"The Federación Colombiana de Automovilismo Deportivo, FCAD (English: Sports Autoracing Colombian Federation) traces its roots as far as Coldeportes being the main organization in charge of ruling sports played in the country. The different auto clubs of the time gathered at the Asamblea Extraordinaria de Clubes (English: Clubs General Assembly) on April 30, 1971 to establish an organization for autoracing and FCAD was officially recognized by Coldeportes in 1972."

The flag is a white horizontal flag with the logo (second from left to right) in the middle as seen here (first flag from left to right) as well as here.
Sources: at 0:13 and 1:39
For additional information go to Fedeautos (official website)
Esteban Rivera, 12 September 2017

Federación Colombiana de Golf (Colombian Golf Federation)

image by Zoltan Horvath, 04 February 2014

The Federación Colombiana de Golf (Colombian Golf Federation) flag is seen in this picture. (fourth flag from left to right)
It was founded in 1946.
The flag is the logo on a white horizontal flag.
For additional information go to: Federación Colombiana de Golf (official website)
Esteban Rivera, 04 February 2014

Independiente Medellín

image by E.R., 3 July 2005

image by E.R., 3 July 2005

Independiente Medellín is a soccer professional team from the city of Medellín, founded in 1913. It's official website is It is also referred to as D.I.M. (Deportivo Independiente Medellín, or Independent Sport 'Club' Medellin). This team plays in the Estadio Atanasio Girardot (Atansio Girardot Stadium) which has a capacity of 52,000 seats.
E.R., 3 July 2005

There's an additional flag of the Independiente Medellín soccer team. It is the Coat of Arms on the middle of the flag , as seen in online article, where in a sober ceremony the current President hands the clubs' symbols to the most notorious players.
E.R., 8 October 2009

Today during the DIM presentation of its team for the upcoming 2013-I league, its flag variant with Coat of Arms can be seen here. Flag with Coat of Arms:
Source  - picture gallery
For additional information go to: DIM (official website)
Esteban Rivera, 09 January 2013

Independendiente Santa Fe (Bogota)

image by Felipe Carrillo, 14 March 2003

Official Flag of one of the two most popular soccer team in Colombia: Independendiente Santa Fe (Bogota).
Felipe Carrillo, 14 March 2003

In the official web site of the Club Independiente Santa Fe, this red over white flag is described:  There is no meaning about the colors, except that those are the colors of the Club/Team.
Carlos Thompson, 18 March 2003

Colombian UFE Sport Flag (dated 1932)

image located by Esteban Rivera, 23 February 2013

On January 31st I was watching this documentary called "Paisas, Memorias de un Pueblo. El Deporte en Antioquia 20" (Paisas, Memories of a People, Sports in Antioquia (chapter) 20) ("Paisas" is a word used by locals from the Department of Antioquia to refer to themselves, and comes from the word "paisano", meaning fellow countryman.
During the documentary, they mention the Juegos Deportivos Nacionales (National Sport Games), and specifically the II Edition, held in Antioquia in 1932. During the inaugural parade, one can see two flags. Unfortunately since the documentary is in black and white, is very difficult to determine the colors. I guess that since they are Colombian games, where all Departments are represented, one could infer that the first flag (flag on the right) is the flag of Colombia but the other flag behind it (flag on the left) could be a sports flag (possibly the Games flag, or it could be just the flag of any Department.
Esteban Rivera, 23 February 2013