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Houseflags of Norwegian maritime companies (H)

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H.J Stangbye

[Henrich Bjorm AS houseflag]
image by Ivan Sache
Source: Lloyd's book of house flags and funnels of the principal steamship lines of the world and the house flags of various lines of sailing vessel [1] #2038

The flag is horizontally divided red-white-red with H.J.S. (black) in the white stripe.
Ivan Sache, 24 January 2004

H.K. Wallem

[H.K.  Wallamhouseflag]
image by Jarig Bakker
Source: The Caltex book of Flags and Funnels [15]

#184 H.K. Wallem, Norwegian and Panamanian flags - flag red- white - blue - white - red, proportioned 2:1:1:1:2.

Note that the funnel is identical to Mowinckel (NO) Brown (1951) has the same colors, but proportions c. 4:1:1:1:4 for Wallem & Co., A/S, Bergen & Hong Kong
Jarig Bakker, 8 January 2005

H.M. Wrangell

[H.M. Wrangell  houseflag]
image by Jarig Bakker
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of British and Foreign Steamship Companies, 1926 [9]

Haugesund - blue flag, white border; white "W".
Jarig Bakker, 22 Janurary 2004

The company was founded by Hakon Baron Waldemar Wrangell, a colourful character it seems, dates 1859-1942. The company survived his death and was at one point the third largest shipping company (transporting goods, herring fishery, and whaling) in town.

Vormedal Forlag shows a book cover where we see a thin border and not so thin initial. The 1928 German Flaggenbuch (Part II) [18] gives the same rendition as Brown 1926 [9] does.

Haugesund, a port in SW Norway, was indeed Wrangell’s business seat confirmed by (houseflags no longer available).

The rather thick initial appears again but also a predecessor with a red field.

Wrangell dates listed by ‘Skipet’ are as follows: general dates, 1882-1988. ‘H.M. Wrangell’ 1882-1911, addition of ‘& Co.’ from 1911- 1914 then becoming ‘H.M. Wrangell & Co. AS’. Business terminated in 1988.

Jan Mertens, 6 May 2008

The company was founded in 1882 by Haakon Magne Valdemar Wrangell (1859-1942), a shipowner from Haugesund also involved in whaling and herring export. He also served as mayor of Haugesund, president of the Norwegian shipowners' association and Member of Parliament. I cannot find any information that he was a baron, quite the contrary a history thesis notes he worked his way up from a meager background, though he might have started out as a poor nobleman (this not very likely as the nobility was abolished in Norway in 1821 anyway). However, he was a consul.

The company, known as H. M. Wrangell & Co. A/S from 1914 according to Skorsteinsmerker og rederiflagg [20], sold its last ship (oil tanker Corona) in 1979. Two flags are given for this company in the plates of Skorsteinsmerker og rederiflagg 1996 [19] and Skorsteinsmerker og rederiflagg 1999. The first one has a white bordered red field with a white W, the other one the same but with a blue field (still with white borders). No date is given for when the switch was made, so I cannot shed any light on whether this was in connection with the two partners entering the company. The two sources, are a bit vague on whether this happened in 1914 or earlier.

Concerning the thickness of the initial, this is probably very difficult to establish exactly, possibly there may have been several versions in use over the life span of the company.
Jan Oskar Engene, 7 May 2008

Haanes Shipping (A/S Haanes Rederi)

[Haanes Shipping flag] image by Ivan Sache, 18 July 2005

This particular shipping company flag reached via
Jan Mertens, 2 July 2005

Hagenæs A/S

[Johan Hagnæs & Co.] image by Jarig Bakker, 4 February 2006
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of Shipping Companies of the World [4]

Alesund - blue flag, red diamond outlined white; white 5-pointed star.
Jarig Bakker, 4 February 2006

The company J. Hagenæs Shipping AS is still in business and the flag can be seen flying on the office building in Ålesund where the company is based. From personal observations I would say the diamond is larger than in the drawing Jarig sent: It touches the edges of the cloth.
Jan Oskar Engene, 5 February 2006

[Johan Hagenæs & Co.] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 11 May 2017

I spotted this flag the same place on 18 April 2017 and I found the company’s door plate, both displaying on blue a red lozenge with white fimbriation nearly touching the edges. The blue colour was darker on the doorplate but the perfect match on flag.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 11 May 2017

Hardanger Sunnhordlandske D/S

[Hardanger Sunnhordlandske]
image by Jarig Bakker, 12 September 2005
Source: Brown’s Flags and Funnels of Shipping Companies of the World, 1995 [4]

Bergen - swallowtailed triband RWR; in center red disk, charged with intertwined "HS".
Jarig Bakker, 12 Seprember 2005

Harry Borthen & Co. A/S

[Haryy Borthen & 
image by Ivan Sache, 14 December 2013

Oslo - blue flag, white diamond, blue "B".
Jarig Bakker, 8 January 2006

Josef Nuesse's "Ships and Flags" website shows the company's house flag (photo of an actual flag) with a square diamond that does not reach the edges of the flag.

Ivan Sache, 14 December 2013

A/S Havtor

[A/S Havtor]
image by Jarig Bakker, 28 February 2006
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of Shipping Companies of the World [4]

Oslo - white flag, two narrow horizontal wavy stripes; in center "H", all blue.
Jarig Bakker, 28 February 2006

Helge R. Myhre A/S

[Helge R. Myhre]
image by Jarig Bakker, 27 December 2005
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of Shipping Companies of the World [4]

Oslo - swallowtail quartered per saltire white and blue.
Jarig Bakker, 27 December 2005

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