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Whaling owner's flags displayed on the "Charles W. Morgan" - Part 4 (U.S.)

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Flags on "Charles W. Morgan"

The restored "Charles W. Morgan" was enshrined on 21 July 1926. For the ongoing season, a different flag was hoisted every day at the mainmast of the ship, as described by press reports published in "The New Bedford Standard".
Ivan Sache, 31 January 2019

21 July - Dedication
21 July - Henry S. Hutchinson
24 July - Henry H. Crapo
25 July - Edward R. Hathaway
26 July - Clark W. Holcomb
27 July - J. and W. R. Wing
28 July - John Duff
29 July - Andrew G. Pierce
30 July - James Henry Howland
31 July - William A. Robinson Jr.
1 August - Rotch
2 August - Swift and Allen
3 August - James Henry Howland
4 August - Captain George Fred Tilton
5 August - John Avery Parker
6 August - George Howland
7 August - Jonathan Bourne Jr.
8 August - Abraham H. Howland
9 August - Harry Neyland
10 August - Jireh Perry
11 August - J. B. Wood
12 August - David R. Greene
13 August - Henry Taber
14 August - Lemuel Kollock
15 August - Abraham Barker
16 August - Rodney French
17 August - J. Dunbar / Henry F. Thomas
18 August - William Gifford
19 August - Benjamin Cummmings
20 August - T. and A. R. Nye
21 August - Edmund Wood
22 August - Isaac Howland, Jr.
23 August - J.D. Thompson
26 August - Charles H. Tucker & Co.
27 August - B. B. Howard
28 August - Edward W. Howland
29 August - Gideon Allen
30 August - Pope and Morgan
31 August - Nathan Church
1 September - Captain John A. Cook
2 September - I. H. Bartlett
3 September - Thomas Wilcox
4-5? September - Charles S. Ashley
6 September - William Watkins
7 September - West and Paine
8 September - Isaac B. Richmond
9 September - Gibbs and Jenney
10 September - Atkins Adams
11 September - Ezekiel Sawin
12 September - Philips and Ashley
13 September - William O. Brownell
14 September - Frederick Parker
15 September - Richmond and Wood
16 September - William R. Rodman
17 September - Andrew Robeson
18 September - Ship "Globe"
19 September - Philip Anthony
20 September - Asa Swift
21 September - O. and G. O. Crocker
22 September - Lemuel C. Tripp
23 September - T. and A. R. Nye
24 September - Alexander Gibbs
25 September - Captain James F. Avery
26 September - Sheffield Reeve
27 September - Lemuel Tripp
28 September - Warren Delano
29 September - Jabez Delano Jr.
30 September - Fish and Huttlestone
1 October - Zenas L. Adams
2 October - W.G. Blackler
3 October - Dexter Jenney
4 October - Furman Read Whitwell
5 October - Andrew Hicks
6 October - Reuben Fish
7 October - Zeno Kelley
8 October - Seth A. Mitchell
9 October - Lorenzo Peirce
10 October - Charles Hitch and Son
11 October - Kelley and Swift
12 October - William Wilcox
13 October - James H. Slocum
14 October - O. & E. W. Seabury
15 October - Oliver Ricketson
16 October - Azel Howard
17 October - Chapman and Bonney
18 October - F. and G. R. Taber
19 October - Wood and Nye
20 October - Tucker and Cummings
21 October - Cook and Snow
22 October - Lawrence Grinnell
23 October - Charles Almy
24 October - Allen Lucas
25 October - Abraham Ashley 2d
26 October - Weston Howland
27 October - Russell Maxfield
28 October - William Potter 2d
29 October - David B Kempton
30 October - Cornell and Penniman
31 October - John Arnold Macomber
Joseph Little

16 September - William R. Rodman

[William R. Rodman] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"No shipping agent listed in the old signal books of New Bedford had a greater variety of signals that William R. Rodman. Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that Rodman had no house flag, but a flag for every ship. The rules of the revival of the old house flags by Colonel E. H. R. Green at Rounds Hill, however, call for the flying of but one flag for each agent, the Rodman flag chosen for today is the one that was used on the bark "Columbus", white bordered on three sides with dark blue."

The William R. Rodman Mansion at 388 County Street, New Bedford, was constructed in 1833 as the home of bank president and whaling merchant, William Rotch Rodman. The architect of the granite mansion was Russell Warren, the Rhode Island designer who created the Greek Revival style in Southern New England. During the 1830s Warren designed for New Bedford's whaling elite over a dozen private homes and public buildings, which were seminal in the development of Greek Revival architecture.
The house remains on its original site and has received minimal alteration. After the death of William R. Rodman in 1855, the house was purchased by Abraham Howland, New Bedford's first mayor. It became the political center of the city for two generations since Abraham Howland, Jr., also held the mayor's office. After his death in 1887, the mansion was owned briefly by members of the Grinnell and Howland families who wished to insure the safety of the house.
Perry Hicks, LLC
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

17 September - Andrew Robeson

[Andrew Robeson] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"Four ships and the bark "Juniper" flew the house flag of Andrew Robeson, New Bedford shipping agent, in 1845 [...] showing a blue triangle on a white ground. The Robeson ships were the "Milo", "Pacific", "Roscoe" and "Samuel Robertson"."

Andrew Robeson was born in Pennsylvania and moved to New Bedford around 1817. He married Anna Rodman and they built their beautiful mansion in 1821. In its heyday the mansion sported an atrium and extensive gardens. Andrew owned the dory mother ship, the "Pacific 2" which was a massive 331 ton whaling vessel. He also owned a whale oil refinery, built mills and a wharf in Fall River and helped to start the Merchant's Mechanic's Banks, and was also a founder of the New Bedford Institution for Savings. Andrew was also an active abolitionist in the city and helped many slaves.
Whaling City Ghosts
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

18 September - Ship "Globe"

[Ship Globe] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"Memories of the ship "Globe", agent George Hussey [...] This pennant, reproduced from the official 1845 signal book, is red, bordered and lettered in white."

George Hussey (1791-1868) belonged to that galaxy of men who in the first half of the nineteenth century made names and places for themselves in the history of New Bedford and made the city famous, who as ship merchants, whalers and in occupations connected with that great industry accumulated large fortunes. He came to New Bedford from New York in about 1842, and in New Bedford was largely engaged in the merchant marine service as owner and captain. From 1849 to 1866 Mr. Hussey was one of the directors of the old Bedford Commercial Bank, which was organized in 1816, and reorganized as the National Bank of Commerce in 1864 with a capital of a million dollars. His death occurred Jan. 18, 1868, at his home on County street, when he was aged seventy-seven years.
Access Genealogy
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

19 September - Philip Anthony

[Philip Anthony] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"Ship "Mankar" sailed, in 1845, under the colors of Philip Anthony, New Bedford shipping agent. Her flag was white with a red star and a red border all around except on the flagstaff side."
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

20 September - Asa Swift

[Asa Swift] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"The red, white and red vertical bars of Asa Swift's house flag used to fly over ships in Fairhaven harbor [...]. Mr. Swift was a Fairhaven shipping agent. His ships, in 1845, were the "Baltic" and "Mount Wollaston", and the bark "Pacific"."
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

21 September - O. and G. O. Crocker

[O. and G. O. Crocker] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"O. and G. O. Crocker, New Bedford shipping agents, had charge in 1845 of the comings and goings of the ship "Massachusetes". Their flag [was] red, blue and red, in vertical stripes [...]."
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

22 September - Lemuel C. Tripp

[Lemuel C. Tripp] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"Lemuel C. Tripp and Lemual Tripp were shipping agents in Fairhaven in 1845, each with a distinctive house flag. [...] The circle on the white square nearest the flag staff is blue, the stripes are blue above and red below."

Mrs. Mary Ann Tripp (1810-1906) was born in New York and met her husband, Captain Lemuel C. Tripp, while on a visit to Fairhaven. They were married soon after, in December, 1828. Captain Tripp was engaged in the merchant service, sailing from New York to nearly every port in the world.
Two years after the marriage, Mrs. Tripp accompanied him and it was on this voyage that she first circumnavigated the globe, visited China, and the Philippine Islands. She also accompanied her husband on two successive voyages, and so has the added distinction of having made a trip around the world three times and made an equal number of visits to China.
Captain Tripp died April 24, 1864.

Mrs. Tripp was therefore the first American woman to visit China and to circumnavigate globe.
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

23 September - T. and A. R. Nye

"Pemberton H. Nye, who has been abroad for nine weeks, returned to New Bedford this morning just in comfortable time to see the blue and white Nye flag flying in his honor today from the "Charles W. Morgan" in Round Hills. [He] is a director of the New Bedford Whaleman's Club. His flag is a replica of that used by T. and A. R. Nye, New Bedford shipping agents. [...]"
See 28 August for the description of the flag.
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

24 September - Alexander Gibbs

[Alexander Gibbs] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"A "G" for Gibbs, blue on a white ground, was the flag flown in 1845 by the ships "Brandi", "Houqua" and "Zephyr" of New Bedford, and the bark "Jasper". Alexander Gibbs was agent for them. [...]" 
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

25 September - Captain James F. Avery

[Captain James F. Avery] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"Captain James Avery, Fairhaven, celebrates its 77th birthday today. At Round Hills, South Dartmouth, a blue flag initialed "J. F. A." flying from the whaleship "Morgan" today marks the anniversary and honors Captain Avery as one of the donors of the "Morgan".
The flag was designed by Harry A. Neyland. Captain Avery, who had no individual flag, although he was owner or part owner of a number of whaling ships, among them the "Wanderer", the "Bertha", the "C. Towner" and the "Margarett". Captain Avery pursued the whale for 30 years before his retirement from the sea in 1899."
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

26 September - Sheffield Reeve

[Sheffield Reeve] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"A blue "L" in a white diamond, centered in the red pennant [...] identified the ship "Lydia", for which Sheffield Reed, Fairhaven, was agent in 1845. [...]"
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

27 September - Lemuel Tripp

[Lemuel Tripp] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"Lemuel Tripp, who is not to be confused with Lemuel C. Tripp, old-time Fairhaven shipping agent, used the flag [...] on the ship "Marcus", Fairhaven. The ground color is red, the star white, and the initial "M" is blue, in the design in the 1845 signal book which Colonel E. H. R. Green had reproduced [...]"
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

28 September - Warren Delano

[Warren Delano] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"A copy of the flag flown by ship "William Wirt", of which, Warren Delano, Fairhaven, was agent in 1845 [...] Initials and borders were blue, and the central portion was white."

Captain Warren Delano (1779-1866), the youngest son of Ephraim Delano, was a resident of Fairhaven. He was a sea captain and ship owner. Warren was an active whaling captain, serving as a merchant in the China Trade. In 1832, he built the Delano Homestead, which would stay in the Delano family until 1942. Warren Delano died in 1866. He was great-grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States.
New Bedford Whaling Museum
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

29 September - Jabez Delano Jr.

[Jabez Delano Jr.] image by Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

"[...] The blue and white flag [...] bears the initial of the bark "Harvest". Jabez Delano Jr. was ship agent for the "Harvest" in 1845, when it sailed from Fairhaven, under such a house flag."

Along with his cousin Jabez Delano Jr. and Joseph Bates Jr., Warren Delano I oversaw the building of the Washington Street Christian Meetinghouse, which evolved into the Unitarian Church. The next year Warren Delano I, Jabez Delano Jr. and Samuel Borden built a candleworks and whale oil refinery at Middle Street just north of Washington Street.
The Delano Family
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2019

30 September - Fish and Huttlestone

[Fish and Huttlestone] image by Ivan Sache, 10 December 2019

"Fish and Huttlestone, shipping agents in Fairhaven in 1845, used a red pennant with a white "G" for the special flag of their ship "George". A similar pennant, with a white "E", designated the ship "Eagle", of which Reuben Fish was agent [...]"

Reuben Fish will be remembered as a most successful ship builder, some of the finest ships owned in New Bedford and Fairhaven were the products of his skill.
Old Dartmouth Historical Sketch, No. 27
Ivan Sache, 10 December 2019

Continued in Part 5