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saltire (brown)
baztan valley (navarre, spain) |
saltire (counterchanged)
municipality of las labores (ciudad real province, castile-la mancha, spain) |
saltire (dancetty)
casablanca, morocco |
saltire (golden)
perm territory (russia) |
saltire (green)
alveringem (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) | brittany (france): political movements | city of el papiol (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of alcudia de monteagud (almería province, andalusia, spain) | portuguese governmental flags | poshekhon-volodarsk city (yaroslavl region, russia) | santo andré, são paulo state (brazil), s-z |
saltire (grey)
village of is-swieqi (malta) |
saltire (multicolored)
house flags of chilean shipping companies | paraguayan navy | russia’s all-people union |
saltire (purple)
municipality of lesaca / lesaka (navarre, spain) |
saltire (red-green)
municipality of tazacorte (la palma island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, spain) |
saltire (red-white)
municipality of alicún (almería province, andalusia, spain) |
saltire (red and blue)
nedlands yacht club (australia) |
saltire (red fimbriated white)
aramina, são paulo state (brazil) |
saltire (red)
admiral yakoumakis tombazis' private signals (greece) | arkhangelsk region (russia) | army (lebanon) | bebedouro, são paulo state (brazil) | bertem (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) | burgundy cross flag 1506-1785 (spain) | campos do jordão, são paulo state (brazil) | chuquisaca department, bolivia | city of l'hospitalet de llobregat (catalonia, spain) | compagnie libanaise de navigation côtière et d' outre-mer sal (shipping company, lebanon) | crisnée (municipality, province of liège, belgium) | ensign for the spanish netherlands c.1520-c.1701 (spain) | ensign of holy league of spain, the papal states, and venice at battle of lepanto, 1571 (spain) | flag of the ferrol squadron 1732-1760 (spain) | flags of the spanish infantry in the conquest of tunis 1535 (spain) | hadjilias (shipping company, greece) | historical flags 1506-1700 (spain) | house flags of chilean shipping companies | jugoslavenska oceanska plovidba (shipping company, serbia and montenegro) | khairpur (pre-independence pakistan) | king's colour of the barcelona regiment of light infantry 1810 (spain) | king's colour of the ciudad rodrigo provintial militia regiment 1814-1815 (spain) | lebanese armed forces (lebanon) | louisiana infantry 1779-1781 (spain) | marfin management s.a.m. (shipping company, monaco) | maritime houseflags aa-am (australia) | maritime houseflags an-at (australia) | military region flags (lebanon) | municipality of palau de santa eulàlia (alt empordà county, girona province, catalonia | municipality of ramales de la victoria (cantabria, spain) | municipality of santa eulàlia de riuprimer (osona county, barcelona province, catalonia, spai | municipality of valdáliga (cantabria, spain) | oud-heverlee (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) | pecq (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) | pinhalzinho, santa catarina (brazil) | regimental colour 1706 model (spain) | regimental colour of infantry 1680 (spain) | regimental colour of regiment 'galicia' 1734 (spain) | regimental colour of regiment 'sicilia' 1728 (spain) | regimental colour of swiss regiment nideröst 1719-1735 (spain) | regimental colour of the 'tercio' ambrosio de spinola 1621 (spain) | regimental colour of the 5th regiment of foot artillery 1810-1867 (spain) | regimental colours of swiss regiment reding 1742-c.1749 (spain) | regimental colours of the spanish infantry or tercios 1693 (spain) | seraing (municipality, province of liège, belgium) | unidentified colour of a unit deployed in mexico ca. 1823 (spain) | unidentified regimental colour of infantry ca.1600 (spain) | universidad técnica federico santa maría (chile) | valdivia commune (chile) | village of Ħal luqa (malta) |
saltire (red
maritime houseflags s (australia) |
saltire (tricolour)
proposals for a national flag 1919-1933: other proposals based on striped flags (germany) |
saltire (white fimbriated red
teodoro sampaio, são paulo state (brazil) |
saltire (white on blue and red)
der kapitän (television series) |
saltire (white on blue)
abbostford 12 foot flying squadron (australia) |
saltire (white on red)
maritime houseflags q-r (australia) | maritime houseflags t (australia) |
saltire (white)
archipelago-american steamship co. (shipping company, greece) | blue civil ensigns used until 1762 (spain) | city of sant andreu de llavaneres (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | criciuma, santa catarina(brazil) | embiricos (shipping company, greece) | flags of the spanish infantry in the conquest of tunis 1535 (spain) | flags of the spanish troops in the battle of pavia, 1525 (spain) | georgia: flags of the border forces, 1999-2004 | hrpelje - kozina (municipality, slovenia) | hydra (greece) | koceljeva (municipality, serbia) | maritime houseflags au-az (australia) | municipality of abades (segovia province, castile and leon, spain) | municipality of aldeanueva de la serrezuela (segovia province, castile and leon, spain) | municipality of castro urdiales (cantabria, spain) | municipality of escurial (cáceres province, extremadura, spain) | municipality of ivars d'urgell (pla d'urgell county, lleida province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of la ercina (leon province, castile and leon, spain) | municipality of turrillas (almería province, andalusia, spain) | paradise navigation (shipping company, greece) | pinhalzinho, santa catarina (brazil) | real club náutico de madrid (yacht club, spain) | russian non-military security forces | russian ship quarantine flags | santa cruz de tenerife province (canary islands, spain) | sosenskiy city (kaluga region, russia) | tenerife island (santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, spain) | yacht club de france: members' private signals (1930) |
saltire (yellow-white)
city of alfarràs (lleida province, catalonia, spain) | city of la portella (lleida province, catalonia, spain) | city of rubí (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) |
saltire (yellow on red)
fable (video game) |
saltire (yellow)
agencia marítima portillo s.a. (shipping company, spain) | andirá, paraná (brazil) | araucária, paraná (brazil) | city of benavent de segrià (lleida province, catalonia, spain) | city of pinós (lleida province, catalonia, spain) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | cornélio procópio, paraná (brazil) | eo-naviego language (spain) | municipality of camós (pla de l'estany county, girona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of castro urdiales (cantabria, spain) | municipality of vilamalla (alt empordà county, girona province, catalonia, spain) | otago region (new zealand) | pont-à-celles (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) | regimental colour of the 1st battalion, 5th regiment of foot artillery 1835-1881 (spain) | russian non-military security forces | sveti andraž v slovenskih goricah (municipality, slovenia) | virton (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) | zingem (municipality, province of east flanders, belgium) |
saltire cross
addenda to flag proposal no. 2 of 1836 (norway) | flag proposal 1 of 1814 (norway) | flag proposal 1 of 1814, nos. 17-24 (norway) | flag proposal 1 of 1814, nos. 9-16 (norway) | flag proposal of 1821, no. 13 (norway) | flag proposal of 1821, no. 6 (norway) | flag proposal of 1821, no. 8 (norway) | flag proposal of 1836, no. 1 (norway) | flag proposals of 1815, nos. 1-2 (norway) | royal canadian mounted police - h division |
mecklenburger hochseefischerei (german shipping company) |
saltire: (yellow-red)
city of vilada (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) |
saltire: blue
annapolis county, nova scotia (canada) |
saltire: counterchanged
agualva-cacém commune (sintra municipality, portugal) |
saltire: couped (green)
alvaiázere municipality (portugal) |
saltire: engrailed (white)
city of Ħaż Żabbar (malta) |
saltire: engrailed (yellow)
dessel (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) | wijnegem (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) |
saltire: fimbriated (black)
city of pinós (lleida province, catalonia, spain) |
saltire: fimbriated (red)
municipality of palau de santa eulàlia (alt empordà county, girona province, catalonia | municipality of ramales de la victoria (cantabria, spain) | municipality of valdáliga (cantabria, spain) |
saltire: fleury
universidad diego portales (chile) |
saltire: incomplete (red)
municipality of santa Úrsula (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, |
saltire: raguly (red)
argentine historical military flags | colour of the aeronautics service 1922-1931 (spain) | queen's colour of the regiment of chasseurs isabel ii 1841-1844 (spain) | regimental colour of a battalion of the royal regiment of artillery 1737 (spain) | regimental colour of the regiment of line infantry saboya 1840-1845 (spain) | regimental colour of the royal regiment of sappers miners 1802 (spain) |
saltire: raguly
poshekhon-volodarsk city (yaroslavl region, russia) |
saltire: yellow
municipality of amieva (asturias, spain) |
altamira, pará (brazil) | araguari, minas gerais (brazil) | associated municipality of zweibrücken-land (germany) | baddeck, nova scotia (canada) | bailiwick of jersey | banabe (kiribati) | barueri, são paulo state (brazil) | belarus - frontier guard flags | bulgarian military flags (since 1990) | cape breton island, nova scotia (canada) | colchester county, nova scotia (canada) | duque de caxias, rio de janeiro state (brazil) | ensigns from the ching dynasty (china): 4 | european chinese naval forces | fastiv (kyiv, ukraine) | feira de santana, bahia (brazil) | flag of 1976 of the seychelles | former state of guanabara (brazil) | galashiels (borders region, scotland) | gläfcke & hennings (german shipping company) | halifax regional municipality, nova scotia (canada) | hawick (borders region, scotland) | heraldic concepts | hertfordshire (england) | historic flags of rio de janeiro (brazil) | ireland: st patrick's cross | jamaica - subdivisions | jamaica | jaora, india | kangsala reserve officer association | kingdom of bulgaria, 1908-1944: army and government flags | lay-osborne flotilla (china) | letchworth, hertfordshire (england) | maranguape, ceará (brazil) | mexico - navy: under-secretary of navy | mexico - navy: vice-president of the republic (1912-1917) | municipality of lalendorf (germany) | municipality of obertiefenbach (germany) | neutral nations supervisory commission (korea) | nova scotia (canada) | old perlican, newfoundland and labrador (canada) | paraguaçu, minas gerais (brazil) | poços de caldas, minas gerais (brazil) | poland - xix century flags | provost, alberta (canada) | queen's own highlanders: uk | queen's university (canada) | rio de janeiro (city), rio de janeiro state (brazil) | são gonçalo, rio de janeiro (brazil) | salinas, minas gerais (brazil) | san andres, providencia and santa catalina department (colombia) | scotland (united kingdom) | scotland: about st. andrew | scotland: legendary origin of the flag | seychelles: political parties | st. albans, hertfordshire (england) | tallahassee, florida (u.s.) | united kingdom - variant flag dimensions | united kingdom: alternative flags | united kingdom | united reformed church (synod of scotland) | valdivia commune (chile) | vexillological associations (spain) |
saltires: 12
alvaiázere municipality (portugal) |
saltires: 8 (white)
brasschaat (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) |
salto do jacuí
salto do jacuí, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
salto (uruguay) | salto, são paulo state (brazil) |
flags on the ground |
saluzzo (piedmont, italy) |
municipality of salvacañete (castile-la mancha, spain) |
salvador do sul
salvador do sul, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
organización deportiva centroamericana | salvador, bahia (brazil) |
british shipping companies (u, v) |
cordillera people's flag (philippines) |
salvan commune (valais/wallis canton, switzerland) |
salvaterra de magos
salvaterra de magos municipality (portugal) |
salvaterra, pará (brazil) |
salvation army
christian flag | salvation army |
salvenach commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
salzbergen (germany) |
hallein district (austria, salzburg) | municipalities in salzburg (austria): alphabetical list | municipalities in salzburg (austria): districts | municipalities in salzburg (austria): listed by colours | municipalities in salzburg (austria) | salzburg-umgebung district (austria, salzburg) | salzburg (austria) | salzburg, salzburg (austria) | sankt johann im pongau district (austria, salzburg) | standards of local voluntary fire brigades in salzburg state (austria) | tamsweg district (austria, salzburg) | zell am see district (austria, salzburg) |
salzgitter (germany) |
salzhausen (germany) | sg salzhausen (germany) |
city of salzkotten (germany) |
salzland county
salzland county (germany) |
city of salzwedel (germany) |
sam martino di finita
san martino di finita (calabaria, italy) |
polish political parties |
samaca (boyaca, colombia) |
samajwadi party
samajwadi party (india) |
samana (caldas, colombia) |
samaniego (narino, colombia) |
eastern visayas, region viii, philippines |
samara’s banner
samara region (russia) | subdivisions of samara region (russia) |
samara region (russia) | subdivisions of samara region (russia) |
ariel (israel, judea and samaria/west bank occupied territories) | shomeron (israel, judea and samaria/west bank occupied territories) |
j.p. samartzis maritime enterprises co. s.a. (shipping company, greece) |
samatours shipping co.
samatours shipping co. (egypt) |
samayac (suchitepequez, guatemala) |
london school of samba (united kingdom) |
alfândega da fé municipality (portugal) |
banner of the bishop and bishopric of sambia (teutonic order, germany) | banner of the bishopric and bishop of chelm (teutonic order, germany) |
sambir district (lviv, ukraine) |
samborondon canton (guayas, ecuador) |
sambre (la)
la sambre (shipping company, belgium) |
sambre et meuse
namur (municipality, province of namur, belgium) |
sambreville (municipality, province of namur, belgium) |
sambuca pistoiese
sambuca pistoiese (tuscany, italy) |
sambur deer
mauritius’ ensigns | mauritius’ officials personal flags | mauritius’ pre-independence governors | mauritius | pre-independence flags of mauritius |
manufahi district (east timor) |
samedan commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
samegrelo-zerno svaneti
samegrelo-zerno svaneti (region, georgia) |
kisra-sumei (israel) |
sami people | unofficial flags of sami people |
samin line (shipping company, syria) |
sammamish, washington (u.s.) |
sammu si [chiba prefecture japan] |
samnanger, hordaland |
samnaun commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
samnite people
samnite people |
colonial flags 1914 (germany) | houseflags of samoan shipping companies | kingdom of samoa | republic of samoa | samoa - historical flags | samoa |
samobor (town, zagreb county, croatia) |
samogitia (lithuania) |
sofija (sofia) province, bulgaria |
Šamorín city, slovakia |
samos navigation
samos navigation co. (shipping company, greece) |
samos (greece) | shipping & tourist co. of samos & ikaria s.a. (shipping company, greece) |
samostalna demokratska srpska stranka
independent democratic serb party (croatia) | independent democratic serbian party (political party, croatia) |
samotišky (czech republic) |
communes of alcochete municipality (portugal) |
sampiero corso
corsican regiment in the service of france (xvith century) |
sampson county
clinton, north carolina (u.s.) | sampson county, north carolina (u.s.) |
sampues (sucre, colombia) |
turkey in the "book of all kingdoms" (late 14th century) |
samtredia (municipality, georgia) |
samtskhe-javakheti (region, georgia) |
Šamudovce (slovakia) |
province of razgrad, bulgaria |
samukawa machi [kanagawa prefecture japan] |
samurai troopers yoroiden
ronin warriors (television series) |
samut prakan
samut prakan province (thailand) |
samut sakhon
samut sakhon province (thailand) |
samut songkhram
samut songkhram province (thailand) |
san ġiljan
village of san Ġiljan (st julian's) (malta) |
san ġwann
village of san Ġwann (malta) |
san agustín de guadalix
municipality of san agustín de guadalix (madrid, spain) |
san agustin
san agustin (huila, colombia) |
san alberto
san alberto (cesar, colombia) |
san alejo
san alejo (la union, el salvador) |
san andres de cuerquia
san andres de cuerquia (antioquia, colombia) |
san andres de sotavento
san andres de sotavento (cordoba, colombia) |
san andres de tumaco
san andres de tumaco (narino, colombia) |
san andres providencia y santa catalina
san andres, providencia and santa catalina department (colombia) |
san andres sajcabaja
san andres sajcabaja (quiche, guatemala) |
san andres semetabaj
san andres semetabaj (solola, guatemala) |
san andres xecol
san andres xecul (totonicapan, guatemala) |
san andres
san andres (peten, guatemala) | san andres (santander, colombia) |
san andrés itzapa
san andres itzapa (chimaltenango, guatemala) |

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