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Games of the XIX Olympiad: Mexico City 1968

Mexico City 1968 Summer Olympics

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[Flag for Mexico City 1968.]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 01 October 2004


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The Olympic flag

[The Olympic flag]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, July 2005.
Flag adopted: 1914.

Tourist flags

[OG pennant] located by Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 7 February 2022

[OG pennant] located by Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 7 February 2022

[OG pennant] located by Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 7 February 2022

The Parade of Flags

During the Openings Ceremony all the teams paraded into the stadium behind their flags, and during the Closing Ceremony the flags did so once more. The flags and teams paraded in alphabetical order according to the language of the host country, except for Greece as the origin of the Olympic Games which always leads the parade, and Mexico as the host country which closed the parade. The flags themselves all have the same size, and all have the ratio 2:3 or 3:5.
The millions watching the Opening Ceremony saw the flags and athletes enter the stadium in this order:

	Codes:			International Olympic Committee Website
				Comité Olímpico Mexicano.
	Text:			Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán
	Opening Ceremony:	October 12, 1968.
	Note:			The names were given all in Spanish language, horizontally writen
				in block black letters, when the case, the country name in local
				language and script appeared in small black letters beneath.

				Abreviations (ABR.) are the official ones at the time.

     Country Spanish			     English				    	     ABR.    
  1. Grecia  Greece GRE
  2. Afganistán Afghanistan AFG
  3. África Central Central African Republic AFC
  4. Alemania Democrática Democratic Republic of Germany ADE
  5. Alemania Federal Federal Republic of Germany ALE
  6. Antillas Holandesas Netherlands Antilles AHO
  7. Argelia Algeria AGL
  8. Argentina Argentina ARG
  9. Australia Australia AUS
  10. Austria Austria AUT
  11. Bahamas Bahamas BAH
  12. Barbados Barbados BAR
  13. Bélgica Belgium BEL
  14. Bermudas Bermuda BER
  15. Birmania Burma BIR
  16. Bolivia Bolivia BOL
  17. Brasil Brazil BRA
  18. Bulgaria Bulgaria BUL
  19. Camerún Cameroon CMR
  20. Canadáa Canada CAN
  21. Celán Ceylan CEI
  22. Colombia Colombia COL
  23. Congo-Kinshasa Dem. Rep. of the Congo (Congo-Kinsasha) COK
  24. Corea Korea COR
  25. Costa de Marfil Ivory Coast CML
  26. Costa Rica Costa Rica CRC
  27. Cuba Cuba CUB
  28. Chad Chad CHA
  29. Checoslovaquia Tzechoslovakia CHE
  30. Chile Chile CHI
  31. Dinamarca Denmark DIN
  32. Ecuador Ecuador ECU
  33. El Salvador El Salvador ESA
  34. España Spain ESP
  35. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica United States of America EUA
  36. Etiopía Ethiopia ETI
  37. Fiji Fiji FIJ
  38. Filipinas Philippines FIL
  39. Finlandia Finland FIN
  40. Francia France FRA
  41. Gabón Gabon GAB
  42. Ghana Ghana GHA
  43. Gran Bretaña Great Britain GBR
  44. Guatemala Guatemala GUA
  45. Guinea Guinea GUI
  46. Guyana Guyana GUY
  47. Haití Haiti HAI
  48. Holanda Netherlands HOL
  49. Honduras Honduras HON
  50. Honduras Británicas British Honduras HBR
  51. Hong Kong Hong Kong HOK
  52. Hungría Hungary HUN
  53. India India IND
  54. Indonesia Indonesia INA
  55. Irak Iraq IRK
  56. Irán Iran IRN
  57. Irlanda Ireland IRL
  58. Islandia Iceland ISL
  59. Islas Vírgenes Virgin Islands ISV
  60. Israel Israel ISR
  61. Italia Italy ITA
  62. Jamaica Jamaica JAM
  63. Japón Japan JPN
  64. Kenia Kenya KEN
  65. Kuwait Kuwait KUW
  66. Líbano Lebanon LIB
  67. Libia Libya LBA
  68. Liechtenstein Liechtenstein LIE
  69. Luxemburgo Luxembourg LUX
  70. Madagascar Madagascar MAD
  71. Malasia Malaysia MAL
  72. Malí Mali MLI
  73. Malta Malta MLT
  74. Marruecos Morocco MAR
  75. Mónaco Monaco MON
  76. Mongolia Mongolia MGL
  77. Nicaragua Nicaragua NIC
  78. Níger Niger NIG
  79. Nigeria Nigeria NGR
  80. Noruega Norway NOR
  81. Nueva Zelandia New Zealand NZL
  82. Pakistán Pakistan PAK
  83. Panamá Panama PAN
  84. Paraguay Paraguay PAR
  85. Perú Peru PER
  86. Polonia Poland POL
  87. Portugal Portugal POR
  88. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico PRO
  89. República Árabe Unida United Arab Republic RAU
  90. República Dominicana Dominican Republic DOM
  91. Rumania Romania RUM
  92. San Marino San Marino SMR
  93. Senegal Senegal SEN
  94. Sierra Leona Sierra Leone SLA
  95. Singapur Singapore SIN
  96. Siria Syria SIR
  97. Sudán Sudan SUD
  98. Suecia Sweden SUE
  99. Suiza Switzerland SUI
  100. Surinam Suriname SUR
  101. Tailandia Thailand TAI
  102. Taiwán Republic of China (Taiwan) TWN
  103. Tanzania Tanzania TAN
  104. Trinidad y Tobago Trinidad and Tobago TRT
  105. Túnez Tunisia TUN
  106. Turquía Turkey TUR
  107. Uganda Uganda UGA
  108. U. R. S. S. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics URS
  109. Uruguay Uruguay URG
  110. Venezuela Venezuela VEN
  111. Vietnam Vietnam VNM
  112. Yugoslavia Yugoslavia YUG
  113. Zambia Zambia ZAM
  114. México Mexico MEX