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municipality of ciutadilla (urgell county, lleida province, catalonia, spain) |
civic alliance of serbia
alliance for changes (political alliance, serbia and montenegro) |
cividale del friuli
cividale del friuli (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) |
civil affairs
army - 309th civil affairs brigade (u.s.) | army - 432nd civil affairs battalion (u.s.) |
civil aid service: hong kong
hong kong civil aid service |
civil air ensign
civil air ensign (australia) | civil air ensign (new zealand) | ghana | new zealand ensigns | pakistan - naval ensigns | russian transportation authority flags | south african civil air ensign | united kingdom: civil air ensign |
civil air patrol
civil air patrol (u.s.) | civil air patrol (u.s.) |
civil aviation authority of singapore
civil aviation authority of singapore |
civil aviation authority
civil aviation authority (vanuatu) |
civil aviation ensign
civil aviation ensign (canada) |
civil circles
budapest - district flags - budapest ii. pesthidegkut (hungary) |
civil defence (britain)
civil defence flags (britain) |
civil defence force
civil defence force (singapore) |
civil defence
civil defence colour 1979-1990 (east germany) | civil defence flags 1933-1945 (third reich, germany) | colombia - civil defence flag | croatia: civil defence | el salvador - civil defence flag | geneva convention protocol flags | national fire service and civil defence (united kingdom) | russian civil defence |
civil defense
azerbaijan: ministry of emergency situations | civil defense (spain) | civil defense (the netherlands) | civil defense (u.s.) | portuguese civil defense flags | serbia and montenegro: civil defense | socialist yugoslavia: miscellaneous flags |
civil ensign: proported
nigeria: unconfirmed ensigns |
civil ensign
albania: ensigns | albania: ensigns | albania: kingdom, 1928-1934 | albania: kingdom, 1934-1939 | albania: ottoman rule (15th century-1912) | albania: people's republic, 1946-1992 | albania: principality, 1914 | albania: republic, 1920-1928 | algerian ensign under the french rule, 1875 | argentina | austria - first republic, 1918 - 1934 | austria | austro-hungarian empire: f iii austrian flag (and similar) in 1863 flag chart | austro-hungarian empire | bahamas - ensigns | belgium: civil flag and ensign | belgium: naval flags, 1936 | bolivian naval ensign | cayman islands | croatia: civil ensign | ensigns from the ching dynasty (china): 5 | ensigns of saint kitts and nevis | european 'civil ensign' (the netherlands) | european union: unofficial civil ensigns | french protectorate of morocco (1912-1946) | ghana | greece under ottoman rule | greece: history of the national flag | greece: history of the national flag | independent state of croatia (1941-1945): flags at sea | indian ensigns | iranian empire (pahlavi dynasty, 1925-1964) | iranian empire (qajar dynasty, 1905-1925) | isle of man: civil ensign | japanese merchant ensign (1800s) | kingdom of france: flags at sea | kingdom of serbia (1882-1918) | luxembourg | mauritius’ ensigns | monaco | national ensigns of grenada | ottoman empire (turkey, 1299-1923) | ottoman empire: flags depicted in a dutch chart - 19th century | ottoman empire: flags depicted on colton's chart (1862) | pakistan - naval ensigns | principality / kingdom of montenegro (1782-1918) | principality of serbia (1830-1882) | royal yugoslavia (1918-1941) | serbia and montenegro (2003-2006) | slovenia: civil and state ensigns | socialist yugoslavia (1945-1991) | sri lanka - naval ensigns | sri lanka - previous ensigns | sultanate of the maldives (-1949) | united kingdom: blue ensign | united kingdom: ensigns | united kingdom: history of the british ensigns | united kingdom: the white ensign |
civil flag
austria - federal state, 1934 - 1938 | austria - first republic, 1918 - 1934 | flag urban legends (u.s.) | monaco |
civil guard
civil guard (israel) |
civil jack
civil jack (the netherlands) | controversy about the legality of the white-bordered union jack | discussion about the dimensions of the pilot jack | united kingdom: jacks |
civil service sailing association
civil service sailing association (united kingdom) |
civil service
denmark civil service |
civil war
civil war captured flags (u.s.) | civil war flags (u.s.) | civil war unit flags - confederate (u.s.) | civil war unit flags - union (u.s.) | mexico - mexican revolution flags |
civil/regional defence
civil/regional defence - former branch of service flag until 1992 (israel) |
civilian authority
mexico - navy: civilian authorities, ambassadors and plenipotentiary ministers | mexico - navy: civilian authorities, general consuls, consuls and auxiliary ministers | mexico - navy: civilian authorities, governor of state | mexico - navy: civilian authorities, secretaries of state | mexico - navy: civilian authorities, under-secretaries of state |
civilian flag
flag urban legends (u.s.) |
civilian manned defence ships
civilian manned defence ships ensign (australia) |
civilna zastita
serbia and montenegro: civil defense | socialist yugoslavia: miscellaneous flags |
civitella in val di chiana
civitella in val di chiana (tuscany, italy) |
civitella messer raimondo
civitella messer raimondo (abruzzi, italy) |
civitella paganito
civitella paganico (tuscany, italy) |
Čížkovice (czech republic) |
Čížová (czech republic) |
friuli-venezia giulia region (italy) |
cassacco (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) |
world jewish congress |
soviet russian navy: baltic fleet (1917-1918) |
british shipping companies (c) | british shipping companies (c) | british shipping companies (c) |
latin american and caribbean community of police intelligence |
clackamas county
canby, oregon (u.s.) | clackamas county, oregon (u.s.) | damascus, oregon (u.s.) | estacada, oregon (u.s.) | happy valley, oregon (u.s.) | lake oswego, oregon (u.s.) | molalla, oregon (u.s.) | sandy, oregon (u.s.) | west linn, oregon (u.s.) | wilsonville, oregon (u.s.) |
claiborne parish
claiborne parish, louisiana (u.s.) |
antarctica (25°e to 53°e) | antarctica (53°e to 74°e) | antarctica (74°e to 80°e) | antarctica | chatham islands (new zealand) | magellan region and chilean antarctica (chile) | ross dependency (new zealand) |
clallam county
clallam county, washington (u.s.) | port angeles, washington (u.s.) | sequim, washington (u.s.) |
clan agnew
clan agnew (scottish clan) | clan fraser (scottish clan) |
clan cameron
clan cameron (scottish clan) |
clan line
british shipping companies (c) |
scottish clan banners | scottish clan insignia | scottish clan pinsels |
clanton, alabama (u.s.) |
lège-cap-ferret (municipality, gironde, france) |
clara and maria
united townships of head, clara and maria, ontario (canada) |
clare college
cambridge university - clare college (england) |
clare hall college
cambridge university - clare hall college (england) |
clare, ireland | clare, new brunswick (canada) | ireland: county colours of munster |
claremont yacht club
claremont yacht club (australia) |
claremont, new hampshire (u.s.) |
clarence-rockland, ontario (canada) |
clarendon county
clarendon county, south carolina (u.s.) | manning, south carolina (u.s.) |
dekanovec (municipality, međimurje county, croatia) |
clarington, ontario (canada) |
clarion cycling club
clarion cycling club, united kingdom |
clarion, iowa (u.s.) |
clarior e tenebris
historical flags of grenada |
clark county
arkadelphia, arkansas (u.s.) | ashland, kansas (u.s.) | battle ground, washington (u.s.) | bethel township, ohio (u.s.) | borden, indiana (u.s.) | bunkerville, nevada (u.s.) | camas, washington (u.s.) | charlestown, indiana (u.s.) | clark county, arkansas (u.s.) | clark county, idaho (u.s.) | clark county, illinois (u.s.) | clark county, indiana (u.s.) | clark county, kansas (u.s.) | clark county, nevada (u.s.) | clark county, ohio (u.s.) | clark county, south dakota (u.s.) | clark county, washington (u.s.) | clark county, wisconsin (u.s.) | clark, south dakota (u.s.) | clarksville, indiana (u.s.) | goodsprings, nevada (u.s.) | henderson, nevada (u.s.) | indian springs, nevada (u.s.) | jean, nevada (u.s.) | las vegas, nevada (u.s.) | laughlin, nevada (u.s.) | mad river township, ohio (u.s.) | mesquite, nevada (u.s.) | moapa valley, nevada (u.s.) | moapa, nevada (u.s.) | mountain springs, nevada (u.s.) | mt. charleston, nevada (u.s.) | red rock, nevada (u.s.) | sandy valley, nevada (u.s.) | springfield, ohio (u.s.) | vancouver, washington (u.s.) | woodland, washington (u.s.) |
clark township
clark township, minnesota (u.s.) |
clark, south dakota (u.s.) | st. louis, missouri (u.s.) |
clarkdale, arizona (u.s.) |
clarke (arthur c.)
against the fall of night (novel) |
clarke county
athens, georgia (u.s.) | berryville, virginia (u.s.) | boyce, virginia (u.s.) | chickamauga, georgia (u.s.) | clarke county, alabama (u.s.) | clarke county, georgia (u.s.) | clarke county, mississippi (u.s.) | clarke county, virginia (u.s.) | jackson, alabama (u.s.) | pachuta, mississippi (u.s.) | quitman, mississippi (u.s.) |
clarksburg, massachusetts (u.s.) | clarksburg, west virginia (u.s.) |
clarksdale, mississippi (u.s.) |
clarkson university
clarkson university (u.s.) |
british shipping companies (c) |
clarkston, michigan (u.s.) | clarkston, washington (u.s.) |
clarksville, indiana (u.s.) | clarksville, tennessee (u.s.) |
clarmont commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
claro commune (ticino canton, switzerland) |
clatsop county
clatsop county, oregon (u.s.) |
claude de france
duchy of brittany: ducal banners (part 4) |
prins claus (1926-2002) (the netherlands) |
associated municipality of rodalben (germany) |
house flags of german shipping companies (c) |
clausthal-zellerfeld town (germany) | comprehensive municipality of oberharz (germany) |
claut (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) |
clavaleyres commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
clavier (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
city of ludwigslust (germany) | futurama (television series) | learning the world (novel) | supreme commander (video game) |
clay county
clay county, alabama (u.s.) | clay county, florida (u.s.) | clay county, illinois (u.s.) | clay county, kansas (u.s.) | clay county, minnesota (u.s.) | clay county, mississippi (u.s.) | clay county, missouri (u.s.) | clay county, nebraska (u.s.) | clay county, south dakota (u.s.) | clay county, west virginia (u.s.) | kansas city, missouri (u.s.) | kearney, missouri (u.s.) | liberty, missouri (u.s.) | lineville, alabama (u.s.) | north kansas city, missouri (u.s.) | orange park, florida (u.s.) | vermillion, south dakota (u.s.) | west point, mississippi (u.s.) |
clay, new york (u.s.) | mariy-el flag history (russia) | mariy-el in 1992-2006 (russia) | tlaquepaque, jalisco, mexico | turabo (caguas , puerto rico) |
clayton county
clayton county, georgia (u.s.) | clayton county, iowa (u.s.) | college park, georgia (u.s.) |
clayton, missouri (u.s.) | clayton, north carolina (u.s.) | clayton, ohio (u.s.) |
clean boatyard
florida beach warning flags (u.s.) | florida clean marina/boatyard (u.s.) | maine clean marina/boatyard (u.s.) |
clean marina program
clean marina program, ontario (canada) |
clean marina
alabama clean marina (u.s.) | california clean marina (u.s.) | clean marina flags (u.s.) | clean marina program, bc (canada) | clean marina, texas (u.s.) | clean marinas australian program | connecticut clean marina (u.s.) | delaware clean marina (u.s.) | florida clean marina/boatyard (u.s.) | georgia clean marina (u.s.) | louisiana clean marina (u.s.) | maine clean marina/boatyard (u.s.) | maryland clean marina (u.s.) | michigan clean marina (u.s.) | mississippi clean marina (u.s.) | new jersey clean marina (u.s.) | new york clean marina (u.s.) | north carolina clean marina (u.s.) | ohio clean marina (u.s.) | rhode island clean marina (u.s.) | south carolina clean marina (u.s.) | tennessee clean marina (u.s.) | texas clean marina (u.s.) | virginia clean marina (u.s.) | washington clean marina (u.s.) | wisconsin clean marina (u.s.) |
novgorod region (russia) |
north ossetia (russia) | ust-ord buriatia (russia) |
clear creek county
clear creek county, colorado (u.s.) | idaho springs, colorado (u.s.) |
clear hills county
clear hills county, alberta (canada) |
clear lake sailing club
clear lake sailing club (u.s.) |
clear lake
clear lake, iowa (u.s.) | clear lake, south dakota (u.s.) |
clearfield county
clearfield county, pennsylvania (u.s.) |
clearview township
clearview township, ontario (canada) |
clearwater county
clearwater county, idaho (u.s.) | mountain home, idaho (u.s.) | orofino, idaho (u.s.) |
clearwater municipal district
clearwater municipal district, alberta (canada) |
clearwater, florida (u.s.) | clearwater, kansas (u.s.) |
cleburne county
cleburne county, alabama (u.s.) |
cleburne, texas (u.s.) |
covenanters' flags, scotland |
clemencia (bolivar, colombia) |
clemmons, north carolina (u.s.) |
clemson university
clemson university (u.s.) |
clemson, south carolina (u.s.) |
clermont county
batavia township, ohio (u.s.) | clermont county, ohio (u.s.) | loveland, ohio (u.s.) | miami township, ohio (u.s.) | milford, ohio (u.s.) | union township, ohio (u.s.) |
bourbonnais (traditional province, france) | clermont, florida (u.s.) | house flags of german shipping companies (c) |
mouscron (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) |
clevelândia, paraná (brazil) |
cleveland county
cleveland county, north carolina (u.s.) | cleveland county, oklahoma (u.s.) | noble, oklahoma (u.s.) | norman, oklahoma (u.s.) | shelby, north carolina (u.s.) |
cleveland, ohio (u.s.) | cleveland, tennessee (u.s.) |
clever rc
german rowing clubs ordered by name of location (k) |
compañia la flecha (shipping company, spain) |
clichy-sous-bois (municipality, seine-saint-denis, france) |
clickable map
clickable map pages index, sorted by scale | clickable map pages index |
clifden boat club
clifden boat club, ireland |
cliff (white)
bled (municipality, slovenia) | criel-sur-mer (municipality, seine-maritime, france) |
au commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) | lebesby, finmark | rüthi commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) |

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