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anolaima (cundinamarca, colombia) |
anonymi naftiliakos eteria kritis
anonymi naftiliakos eteria kritis (shipping company, greece) | anonymi naftiliakos eteria symis (shipping company, greece) |
anonymous |
anori (antioquia, colombia) |
association of the moldovan producers |
société les affrêteurs réunis (shipping company, france) |
municipality of anröchte (germany) |
ans (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
ansar dine
azawad, mali |
ansbach county
ansbach county (mittelfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
city of ansbach (mittelfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
royaume du saguenay (quebec - canada) (canada) |
anserma (caldas, colombia) |
ansermanuevo (valle, colombia) |
airline flags (australia) |
ansião municipality (portugal) |
prata d'ansidonia (abruzzi, italy) |
dutch houseflags of shipping companies [a] |
anson county
anson county, north carolina (u.s.) |
ansonia, connecticut (u.s.) |
anstla (vorumaa, estonia) |
ant (black)
majur (municipality, sisak-moslavina county, croatia) |
antártica chilena
antártica chilena province (chile) |
antônio cardoso
antônio cardoso, bahia (brazil) |
antônio carlos
antônio carlos, santa catarina (brazil) |
antônio dias
antônio dias, minas gerais (brazil) |
antônio joão
antônio joão, mato grosso do sul (brazil) |
antônio martins
antônio martins, rio grande do norte state (brazil) |
antônio prado
antônio prado, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
ahja (polvamaa, estonia) |
anta gorda
anta gorda, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
antah sultan
standard of a great-grandchild of the sultan (brunei) |
antakarana kingdom (madagascar) |
antaliepte (utena, lithuania) |
antalya (metropolitan municipality, turkey) |
antananarivo, madagascar |
antarctic expedition
photographs of chinese flags (2) |
antarctic program
national science foundation antarctic program (u.s.) |
antarctic vexillological association
antarctic vexillological association |
antarctica: japan
national institute of polar research (japan) |
antarctica (25°e to 53°e) | antarctica (53°e to 74°e) | antarctica (74°e to 80°e) | antarctica | belgium: polar expeditions | bouvet island (norway) | british antarctic territory | french southern and antarctic lands (overseas territory, france) | magellan region and chilean antarctica (chile) | ross dependency (new zealand) | scottish antarctic expedition flag | south georgia and south sandwich islands |
tierra del fuego province (argentina) |
bandeira, minas gerais (brazil) |
coreglia antelminelli (tuscany, italy) |
antelope (black)
menashe (israel) |
antelope (blue)
hevel eilot (israel) |
antelope (green)
hevel eilot (israel) |
antelope (yellow)
menashe (israel) |
antelope county
antelope county, nebraska (u.s.) |
antelope, oregon (u.s.) | royal canadian mounted police - k division |
portuguese television companies |
municipality of antequera (andalusia, spain) | oaxaca, mexico |
shipping & tourist co. of samos & ikaria s.a. (shipping company, greece) |
antey-saint-andre (aosta valley, italy) |
albania | azerbaijan | azores (portugal) | benin - constitution and anthem | brazil: songs about the flag | congo - constitution and national anthem | flags in anthems | haiti | macedonia | mexico - national symbols in the internet | peru | principality of monaco: national anthem | the flag in the national anthem (philippines) | turkey |
anthisnes (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
anthony cross
municipality of bedburg-hau (germany) | municipality of issum (germany) |
anthony roll
england: the anthony roll | england: the anthony roll | england: the anthony roll |
anthony wayne
miami of indiana - indiana (u.s.) |
anthony, kansas (u.s.) |
world anti-doping agency |
anti-fascist action
anti-fascist action (germany) |
croatia: anti-fascist movement, 1941-1945 | croatia: association flags |
attac movement (worldwide) |
anti-hapanese peoples guerilla army
anti-japanese peoples guerilla army |
anti-nazi flag |
anti-terrorism directorate
peruvian police |
anti-terrorist unit
serbia: ministry of the interior |
anti-war protest flags
flags seen at korean anti-war protests |
anti aircraft corps
anti-aircraft corps - branch of service flag (armed forces, israel) |
anti earth-union group
gundam (tv) |
anti suyu
anti suyu (inca empire) | inca subdivisions’ flags (western south america) |
antibes-juan-les-pins (municipality, alpes-maritimes, france) |
antieco (julio)
tehuelche people (chile and argentina) |
antifaschistische aktion
anti-fascist action (germany) |
tinjan (municipality, istria county, croatia) |
antigonish, nova scotia (canada) | st. francis xavier university, antigonish, nova scotia (canada) |
antigua and barbuda
antigua and barbuda - coat of arms | antigua and barbuda - colonial flags (1956-1967) | antigua and barbuda - commander in chief | antigua and barbuda - governor-general (1981-) | antigua and barbuda - naval (coast guard) ensign | antigua and barbuda - subdivisions | antigua and barbuda - yacht clubs | antigua and barbuda | barbuda (antigua and barbuda) | flags made in competitions | redonda (antigua and barbuda) |
antigua (sacatepequez, guatemala) | antigua and barbuda - coat of arms | antigua and barbuda - colonial flags (1956-1967) | antigua and barbuda - commander in chief | antigua and barbuda - governor-general (1981-) | antigua and barbuda - naval (coast guard) ensign | antigua and barbuda - subdivisions | antigua and barbuda - yacht clubs | antigua and barbuda | barbuda (antigua and barbuda) | redonda (antigua and barbuda) |
antiguo cuzcatlan
antiguo cuzcatlan (la libertad, el salvador) |
aruba | bonaire (caribbean netherlands) | bonaire, saint eustatius and saba - caribbean netherlands | curacao - governor flag | curacao - yacht club | curacao | netherlands antilles - first flag (1959 - 1986) | netherlands antilles | saba (caribbean netherlands) | st. eustatius (caribbean netherlands) | st. maarten - governor's standard | st. maarten |
tataria (russia) |
antioch, california |
flags of the crusades 1099-1291 |
abejorral (antioquia, colombia) | abriaqui (antioquia, colombia) | alejandria (antioquia, colombia) | amaga (antioquia, colombia) | amalfi (antioquia, colombia) | andes (antioquia, colombia) | angelopolis (antioquia, colombia) | angostura (antioquia, colombia) | anori (antioquia, colombia) | antioquia department - municipalities - index (colombia) | antioquia department (colombia) | anza (antioquia, colombia) | apartado (antioquia, colombia) | arboletes (antioquia, colombia) | argelia (antioquia, colombia) | armenia (antioquia, colombia) | barbosa (antioquia, colombia) | bello (antioquia, colombia) | belmira (antioquia, colombia) | betania (antioquia, colombia) | betulia (antioquia, colombia) | briceno (antioquia, colombia) | buritica (antioquia, colombia) | caceres (antioquia, colombia) | caicedo (antioquia, colombia) | caldas (antioquia, colombia) | campamento (antioquia, colombia) | canasgordas (antioquia, colombia) | caracoli (antioquia, colombia) | caramanta (antioquia, colombia) | carepa (antioquia, colombia) | carolina (antioquia, colombia) | caucasia (antioquia, colombia) | chigorodo (antioquia, colombia) | cisneros (antioquia, colombia) | ciudad bolivar (antioquia, colombia) | cocorna (antioquia, colombia) | concepcion (antioquia, colombia) | concordia (antioquia, colombia) | copacabana (antioquia, colombia) | dabeiba (antioquia, colombia) | donmatias (antioquia, colombia) | ebejico (antioquia, colombia) | el bagre (antioquia, colombia) | el carmen de viboral (antioquia, colombia) | el penol (antioquia, colombia) | el retiro (antioquia, colombia) | el santuario (antioquia, colombia) | entrerrios (antioquia, colombia) | envigado (antioquia, colombia) | fredonia (antioquia, colombia) | frontino (antioquia, colombia) | giradota (antioquia, colombia) | giraldo (antioquia, colombia) | gomez plata (antioquia, colombia) | granada (antioquia, colombia) | grenadine confederation (1856 -1861) (colombia) | guadalupe (antioquia, colombia) | guarne (antioquia, colombia) | guatape (antioquia, colombia) | heliconia (antioquia, colombia) | hispania (antioquia, colombia) | itagui (antioquia, colombia) | ituango (antioquia, colombia) | jardin (antioquia, colombia) | jerico (antioquia, colombia) | la ceja del tambo (antioquia, colombia) | la estrella (antioquia, colombia) | la pintada (antioquia, colombia) | la union (antioquia, colombia) | liborina (antioquia, colombia) | maceo (antioquia, colombia) | marinilla (antioquia, colombia) | medellin (antioquia, colombia) | montebello (antioquia, colombia) | murindo (antioquia, colombia) | mutata (antioquia, colombia) | narino (antioquia, colombia) | nechi (antioquia, colombia) | necocli (antioquia, colombia) | olaya (antioquia, colombia) | peque (antioquia, colombia) | pueblorrico (antioquia, colombia) | puerto berrio (antioquia, colombia) | puerto nare (antioquia, colombia) | puerto triunfo (antioquia, colombia) | remedios (antioquia, colombia) | sabanalarga (antioquia, colombia) | sabaneta (antioquia, colombia) | salgar (antioquia, colombia) | san andres de cuerquia (antioquia, colombia) | san carlos (antioquia, colombia) | san francisco (antioquia, colombia) | san jeronimo (antioquia, colombia) | san jose de la montana (antioquia, colombia) | san juan de uraba (antioquia, colombia) | san luis (antioquia, colombia) | san pedro de los milagros (antioquia, colombia) | san pedro de uraba (antioquia, colombia) | san rafael (antioquia, colombia) | san roque (antioquia, colombia) | san vicente (antioquia, colombia) | santa barbara (antioquia, colombia) | santa fe de antioquia (antioquia, colombia) | santa rosa de osos (antioquia, colombia) | santiago de arma de rionegro (antioquia, colombia) | santo domingo (antioquia, colombia) | segovia (antioquia, colombia) | sonson (antioquia, colombia) | sopetran (antioquia, colombia) | tamesis (antioquia, colombia) | taraza (antioquia, colombia) | tarso (antioquia, colombia) | titiribi (antioquia, colombia) | toledo (antioquia, colombia) | turbo (antioquia, colombia) | united states of colombia (1861-1886) | uramita (antioquia, colombia) | urrao (antioquia, colombia) | valdivia (antioquia, colombia) | valparaiso (antioquia, colombia) | vegachi (antioquia, colombia) | venecia (antioquia, colombia) | vigia del fuerte (antioquia, colombia) | yali (antioquia, colombia) | yarumal (antioquia, colombia) | yolombo (antioquia, colombia) | yondo (antioquia, colombia) | zaragoza (antioquia, colombia) |
antipatris fort
drom hasharon (israel) |
antique bridge: silver
clare, new brunswick (canada) |
antique lamp
wilfrid laurier university (canada) |
western visayas, region vi, philippines |
antiquities authority
flags of governmental authorities and organizations (israel) |
antitransportation league
antitransportation league (australasia) |
antler (black)
tuttlingen county (freiburg district, baden-württemberg, germany) |
antler (blue)
nenetsia (russia) |
antler (brown)
banner of the castle of brettchen (brattian) and neumark (teutonic order, germany) |
antler (white)
nenetsia (russia) | tyumen region (russia) | yamal (russia) |
antler (yellow)
tyumen region (russia) |
Šumperk (czech republic) | oberrüti commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | verměřovice (czech republic) | yugra (russia) |
antlers (2)
kazlu ruda (marijampole, lithuania) |
antlers (yellow)
levanjska varoš (municipality, osijek-baranja county, croatia) |
antlers: 2 (red)
draž (municipality, osijek-baranja county, croatia) |
antlers: 3 (black)
royal standards 1816-1918 (württemberg, germany) |
antlers: deer (yellow)
klanjec (town, krapina-zagorje county, croatia) |
associated municipality of hauenstein (germany) | austrheim, hordaland | bearberry, alberta (canada) | city of putbus (germany) | comprehensive municipality of bodenteich (germany) | eidfjord, hordaland | glattfelden commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | innus (canada) | mazonai (taurage, lithuania) | municipality of hirschfeld (germany) | municipality of rastow (germany) | oberbüren commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) | pond inlet, nunavut (canada) | shikaoi machi (hokkaidō territory, japan) |
antofagasta commune (chile) | antofagasta province (chile) | antofagasta region (chile) | litoral department, bolivia |
antoine de paule
sovereign military order of malta - flag of grandmaster antoine de paule |
antoing (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) |
antolin del campo (nueva esparta, venezuela) |
antongil (benyovski's) kingdom (madagascar) |
antonina, paraná (brazil) | yacht clubs of paraná (brazil) |
antonio ante
antonio ante (imbabura, ecuador) |
antonio elizalde
general antonio elizalde canton (guayas, ecuador) |
antonio jose de sucre
antonio jose de sucre (barinas, venezuela) |
antonio manoel de vilhena
sovereign military order of malta - grandmaster antonio manoel de vilhena |
antonito, colorado (u.s.) |
city of tönisvorst (germany) |
antonivka (kirovograd, ukraine) |
targovište | Тарговище, bulgaria |
antrifttal (germany) |
antrim boat club
antrim boat club, northern ireland |
antrim county
antrim county, michigan (u.s.) |
antrim, northern ireland | coleraine yacht club, northern ireland | county antrim yacht club, northern ireland | ireland: county colours of ulster |
antrodoco (latium, italy) |
antwerp shipping & chartering services nv (shipping company, belgium) |
antunovac (municipality, osijek-baranja county, croatia) |
de grave-antverpia n.v. (shipping company, belgium) |
antweiler municipality (germany) |
antwerp bulk carriers
abc container lines (shipping company, belgium) |
antwerp shipping & chartering services
antwerp shipping & chartering services nv (shipping company, belgium) |
antwerp (belgium): watersports clubs | antwerp (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | antwerp (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium): districts | antwerp (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium): korfball clubs | antwerp (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) | antwerp (province, belgium) | berchem (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | borgerhout (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | deurne (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | ekeren (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | games of the vii olympiad: antwerp 1920 | hoboken (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | merksem (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | olympics - proposals of olympic flags | province of antwerp (belgium): municipal flags | van roosmalen house (antwerp, belgium) | wilrijk (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) |

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