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indian springs
indian springs, alabama (u.s.) | indian springs, nevada (u.s.) |
indian sufic brotherhood
indian sufic brotherhood |
indian zamindar
jagdishpur zamindar |
american indigenous peoples | benton county, indiana (u.s.) | brazilian indian movement | colo colo club (chile) | eagle flags (u.s.) | faro, yukon territory (canada) | flags with different reverses | grayling, michigan (u.s.) | inconfidência mineira, 1789 (brazil) | massachusetts (u.s.) | massachusetts coat of arms (u.s.) | maumee, ohio (u.s.) | ogemaw county, michigan (u.s.) | san antonio (caguas , puerto rico) |
indiana jones
flag goof in indiana jones and the last crusade (film) | republic of hatay (1937-1939) |
aberdeen, indiana (u.s.) | aboite township, indiana (u.s.) | adams county, indiana (u.s.) | adams township, indiana (u.s.) | allen county, indiana (u.s.) | anderson, indiana (u.s.) | auburn, indiana (u.s.) | avilla, indiana (u.s.) | bartholomew county, indiana (u.s.) | benton county, indiana (u.s.) | berne, indiana (u.s.) | boone county, indiana (u.s.) | borden, indiana (u.s.) | brown county, indiana (u.s.) | brownsburg, indiana (u.s.) | calumet township, indiana (u.s.) | carmel, indiana (u.s.) | carroll county, indiana (u.s.) | cass county, indiana (u.s.) | charlestown, indiana (u.s.) | chesterton, indiana (u.s.) | clark county, indiana (u.s.) | clarksville, indiana (u.s.) | clinton county, indiana (u.s.) | columbia city, indiana (u.s.) | columbus township, indiana (u.s.) | columbus, indiana (u.s.) | concord township, indiana (u.s.) | county and municipal flags of indiana (u.s.) | crawford county, indiana (u.s.) | crawfordsville, indiana (u.s.) | cumberland, indiana (u.s.) | danville, indiana (u.s.) | decatur county, indiana (u.s.) | dekalb county, indiana (u.s.) | dubois county, indiana (u.s.) | east chicago, indiana (u.s.) | elkhart county, indiana (u.s.) | elkhart, indiana (u.s.) | ellettsville, indiana (u.s.) | evansville, indiana (u.s.) | fairfield township, indiana (u.s.) | fairland, indiana (u.s.) | fairview park, indiana (u.s.) | ferdinand, indiana (u.s.) | fishers, indiana (u.s.) | floyd county, indiana (u.s.) | fort wayne, indiana (u.s.) | frankfort, indiana (u.s.) | franklin, indiana (u.s.) | gary, indiana (u.s.) | goshen, indiana (u.s.) | grant county, indiana (u.s.) | greenfield, indiana (u.s.) | greensburg, indiana (u.s.) | greenwood, indiana (u.s.) | hamilton county, indiana (u.s.) | hammond, indiana (u.s.) | hancock county, indiana (u.s.) | hendricks county, indiana (u.s.) | howard county, indiana (u.s.) | huntington county, indiana (u.s.) | huntington, indiana (u.s.) | indiana (u.s.) | indianapolis, indiana (u.s.) | jefferson county, indiana (u.s.) | johnson county, indiana (u.s.) | knight township, indiana (u.s.) | knox city, indiana (u.s.) | knox county, indiana (u.s.) | kosciusko county, indiana (u.s.) | lafayette, indiana (u.s.) | lake county, indiana (u.s.) | lake station, indiana (u.s.) | lawrence, indiana (u.s.) | lebanon, indiana (u.s.) | logansport, indiana (u.s.) | lowell, indiana (u.s.) | madison county, indiana (u.s.) | madison, indiana (u.s.) | marion county, indiana (u.s.) | marion, indiana (u.s.) | martinsville, indiana (u.s.) | miami of indiana - indiana (u.s.) | mishawaka, indiana (u.s.) | monroe county, indiana (u.s.) | montgomery county, indiana (u.s.) | monticello, indiana (u.s.) | morgan county, indiana (u.s.) | munster, indiana (u.s.) | new albany, indiana (u.s.) | noble county, indiana (u.s.) | noblesville, indiana (u.s.) | north manchester, indiana (u.s.) | ohio county, indiana (u.s.) | orange county, indiana (u.s.) | orestes, indiana (u.s.) | perry county, indiana (u.s.) | perry township, indiana (u.s.) | pike county, indiana (u.s.) | plainfield, indiana (u.s.) | portage, indiana (u.s.) | porter county, indiana (u.s.) | saint joseph county, indiana (u.s.) | saint mary's college (u.s.) | schererville, indiana (u.s.) | shelby county, indiana (u.s.) | south bend, indiana (u.s.) | speedway, indiana (u.s.) | starke county, indiana (u.s.) | sweetser, indiana (u.s.) | tell city, indiana (u.s.) | terre haute, indiana (u.s.) | tippecanoe county, indiana (u.s.) | tipton county, indiana (u.s.) | tipton, indiana (u.s.) | valparaiso, indiana (u.s.) | vanderburgh county, indiana (u.s.) | vermillion county, indiana (u.s.) | vigo county, indiana (u.s.) | vincennes, indiana (u.s.) | wabash county, indiana (u.s.) | warsaw, indiana (u.s.) | washington township, indiana (u.s.) | washington township, indiana (u.s.) | wayne township, indiana (u.s.) | wayne township, indiana (u.s.) | west baden springs, indiana (u.s.) | white county, indiana (u.s.) | whitley county, indiana (u.s.) | winona lake, indiana (u.s.) |
indianapolis, indiana (u.s.) |
indiara (goiás) (brazil) |
indigenous movement
mexico - mexica movement |
indigenous people
american indigenous peoples |
indigenous peoples
raipon |
inđija (municipality, serbia) |
indo tibetan border police
indo-tibetan border police |
annam (indochina) | indochina | laos during the french protectorate |
indonesia university
indonesia university (indonesia) |
dayaks, indonesia | free aceh movement (indonesia) | indonesia - princely states (article by rühl 1952) | indonesia - princely states | indonesia - princely states | indonesia in the "book of all kingdoms" | indonesia: coat of arms | indonesia: index of all pages | indonesia: majapahit empire | indonesia: naval jack | indonesia: pentagons | indonesia: west melanesian flag | indonesia | indonesian air force | indonesian aircraft markings | indonesian army | indonesian military flags | indonesian navy | indonesian police force | indonesian political flags | indonesian president | indonesian provincial flags | indonesian scouting organization | indonesian shipping flags | kingdoms in bali, indonesia | kutei sultanate | nahdlatul ulama (muslim organization), indonesia | netherlands indies | overseas governors (the netherlands) | partai gerakan indonesia raya | partai gerakan indonesia raya | partai keadilan sejahtera, indonesia | partai keadilan sejahtera, indonesia | republic of lanfang, indonesia | riau independentist movement (indonesia) | sulawesi separatist movement (indonesia) | timorese nationalist party (east timor) | united states of indonesia | west papua separatist movements (indonesia) |
indoor flags
hanging flags vertically |
indore/holkar |
indore/holkar |
indonesia - princely states |
indre-et-loire (department, france) | loches (municipality, indre-et-loire, france) | parçay-meslay (municipality, indre-et-loire, france) | saint-avertin (municipality, indre-et-loire, france) | saint-cyr-sur-loire (municipality, indre-et-loire, france) | tours (municipality, indre-et-loire, france) |
châteauroux (municipality, indre, france) | indre (department, france) |
robecchetto con induno (lombardy, italy) |
industrial cog
thorold, ontario (canada) |
industrial plant
rishon leziyyon (israel) |
industriegewerkschaft medien
ig medien (trade union, germany) |
industriequartier quarter (zürich canton, switzerland) |
myanmar | polish special flags |
ciskei (south african homeland) |
edmonton, alberta (canada) |
quebec - patriotic flag before 1900 (canada) |
mathematical symbols on flags |
city of bedburg (germany) | city of bergheim (germany) | city of celle (germany) | city of demmin (germany) | city of heimbach (germany) | city of kröpelin (germany) | city of schönberg (germany) | city of strasburg/uckermark (germany) | comprehensive municipality of schüttdorf (germany) | municipality of alt bukow (germany) | municipality of altrip (germany) | municipality of brüsewitz (germany) | municipality of hellenthal (germany) | municipality of inden (germany) | municipality of lützow (germany) | municipality of lambsheim (germany) | municipality of selmsdorf (germany) | municipality of vettweiß (germany) |
inescutcheons: 2
municipality of aroche (huelva province, andalusia, spain) |
infantry commander's flag 1925-1927 (germany) |
standard for the 'infantes' of spain on army vehicles 1930-1931 (spain) |
infantry brigade
army - 193rd infantry brigade (u.s.) |
infantry division
greece: army unit flags - part 4 |
infantry divisions
pakistan army infantry divisions |
infantry flag
infantry flags (japan) |
infantry health care reserve battalion
photographs of chinese flags (1) |
infantry militia
colours of infantry militia in english civil war |
infantry school
army - infantry school (u.s.) |
infantry: japan
national infantry (japan) | second reserve infantry, first battalion (japan) |
army - 182nd infantry, 1st battalion (u.s.) | army - 196th infantry brigade (u.s.) | chilean army | colonial brazilian military units | france: army corps and service pennants, before 1933 | france: commanding officer's pennants, 1933 | france: commanding officer's pennants, before 1933 | france: commanding officer's pennants, maginot line, 1933 | giv'ati infantry regiment - branch of service flag (israel) | golani infantry regiment branch of service flag (armed forces, israel) | infantry branch of service flag (armed forces, israel) | kfir infantry regiment branch of service flag (armed forces, israel) | kingdom of france: regiment flags - historical index | kingdom of france: regiment flags | kingdom of serbia (1882-1918): army flags | macedonia: land forces | parachutist infantry regiment - branch of service flag (israel) | prussian auxiliary and support units | prussian auxiliary regimental standards in times of friedrich ii (the great) | prussian cavalry regimental standards and guidons | prussian infantry regimental colours | regimental colour of infantry 1680 (spain) | regimental colour of the regiment of line infantry saboya 1840-1845 (spain) | unidentified regimental colour of infantry ca.1600 (spain) |
infinity symbol
historical flags: metis nation (canada) | international math olympiad | metis nation (canada) | métis settlements general council (canada) |
argentine humanist party | confederacy of nova scotia métis (canada) | danish political flags | humanist party (germany) | humanist party (worldwide) | mathematical symbols on flags | metis councils (canada) | metis nation - saskatchewan (canada) | metis nation of british columbia (canada) |
inflammable liquid
house flags of british shipping companies |
informal flag
novgorod region (russia) |
intergovernmental bureau for informatics |
ingá, paraíba (brazil) |
ingazeira, pernambuco (brazil) |
ingebjørg - 1318 (norway) |
ingelbach municipality (germany) |
german rowing clubs ordered by name of location (i) | ingelheim am rhein city (germany) |
ingelmunster (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) |
ingenbohl commune (schwyz canton, switzerland) |
ingenieurhochschule für seefahrt
ingenieurhochschule für seefahrt 1960s-1989 (east germany) |
ingria (russia) |
ingham county
ingham county, michigan (u.s.) | lansing, michigan (u.s.) |
britain in the "book of all kingdoms" |
inglefield clips
hanging flags |
d.a. inglessis & fils (shipping company, greece) |
city of ingolstadt (oberbayern district, bavaria, germany) | german rowing clubs ordered by name of location (i) |
magadan region (russia) |
ingria (piedmont, italy) | ingria (russia) |
1984 |
ingushetia (russia) | north caucasian emirate (russia, 1918-1921) |
ingushetia (russia) |
inhangapi, pará (brazil) |
inhuma, piauí (brazil) |
inirida (guainia, colombia) |
initial coat of arms
city of göttingen (germany) |
city of erftstadt (germany) |
chilean civil flags afloat | colonial flags of sierra leone | gold coast (ghana under british rule, -1957) | the gambia under british rule |
inje county
inje county, kangwon-do (south korea) |
ink flag
the 'ink flag' at elat (israel) |
inkatha freedom party
inkatha freedom party (south africa) |
south african political parties |
inkcup (black)
korça (town, albania) |
ingria (russia) |
ingria (russia) |
inkerman (sevastopol' city, ukraine) |
inkpots: 2
velike lašče (municipality, slovenia) |
inkwil commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
inland navigation
belgium: flag regulations for ships | belgium: inland navigation | inland shipping (the netherlands and belgium) |
inland revenue authority of singapore
inland revenue authority of singapore |
inland shipping
inland shipping associations (germany) |
inland water transport
myanmar shipping lines house flags |
inland waterways association of ireland
inland waterways association of ireland |
inman, south carolina (u.s.) |
inn district (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
international mobile satellite organization (imso) |
inner mongolia
flags on hulun buir banknote (china) | inner mongolian political parties | mengjiang: japanese puppet state | southern mongolia (china aspirant people) |
inner mongolian normal university
inner mongolian normal university (china) |
inner mongolian peoples party
inner mongolian political parties |
innerferrera commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
innerthal commune (schwyz canton, switzerland) |
innertkirchen commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
inning a. holz
municipality of inning a. holz (erding county, bavaria, germany) |
innisfail, alberta (canada) |
inns of court and city yeomanry
inns of court and city yeomanry (united kingdom) |
innsbruck, tirol (austria) |
canada: flags of aspirant peoples |
innuit fisherman
gjoa haven, nunavut (canada) |
innus (canada) |
inocência, mato grosso do sul (brazil) |
gifu [gifu prefecture japan] |
inoue masatoshi
daimyo flags - toutoumi (japan) |
inowrocław county (poland) |
portuguese teaching and research institutions |
orléans (municipality, loiret, france) |
ins commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
insan hak ve hurriyetleri insani yardim vakfi
foundation for human rights and freedoms and humanitarian relief (ngo, turkey) |
inscription: pace
rainbow peace (pace) flag in austria |
party flags (austria) |
almodôvar municipality (portugal) |
insel hiddensee
municipality of hiddensee island (germany) |
institut national des sports et de l'education physique (france) |
gaul |
ińsko district (poland) |

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