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word "flag" in german |
norway - flaggkommandør rank flag |
word "flag" in austro-bavarian |
flagler county
beverly beach, florida (u.s.) | bunnell, florida (u.s.) | flagler county, florida (u.s.) |
word "flag" in esperanto | word "flag" in ido |
australian political parties | portuguese companies’ flags |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
flagpole pennant
pennant (sweden) |
flagpole: largest
flag superlatives: guinness book of records entries | flag superlatives |
hiding cell phone towers as flagpoles |
poland: a 2001 flagproposal |
flag rules on sailing ships (germany) |
flags (white)
municipality of tamames (salamanca province, castile and leon, spain) |
flags at sea
international agreements | naval identity at sea |
flags of convenience
flags of convenience |
flags of the world
flags of the world (fotw) |
flags on coins
flags on coins |
flags on flags
european free trade association | flags on flags | mokpo, chollanam-do (south korea) |
flags on planes
flags flown on or flown from aircraft |
flags on sails
flags on sails |
flags on stamps
åland islands: flag related stamps |
flags: 2 (crossed)
municipality of los realejos (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, spai | municipality of vilajuïga (alt empordà county, girona province, catalonia, spain) | orenburg region (russia) |
flags: 2 (red)
municipality of gozón (asturias, spain) |
flags: 2 (white)
afghanistan 1921-1926 or 1928 | afghanistan 1926 or 1928 - june or september 1928 | afghanistan 1931-1973 | afghanistan 1973 - may 1974 | afghanistan ca.1901-1919 | afghanistan october 1929 - 1931 |
flags: 2
afghanistan 1919-1928 | afghanistan january 1929 - october 1929 | naval- and cavalry-sa command flags (nsdap, germany) | sturmabteilung/sa (nsdap, germany) |
flags: 3 (red)
municipality of puerto seguro (salamanca province, castile and leon, spain) |
flags: 3 (white)
municipality of xixona / jijona (alicante province, valencian community, spain) |
flags: 3
madalena municipality (portugal) |
flags: 7 (green)
municipality of villamontán de la valduerna (leon province, castile and leon, spain) |
flags: signatures on
signing flags |
kirovsk county (leningrad region, russia) |
voyages extraordinaires artwork (altkirch, france, 2010) | chestermere, alberta (canada) | finland proper (finland) | flags in sports - rowing | flags in sports - rugby | flags on the ground | slavic union | spaniard's bay, newfoundland and labrador (canada) | western finland province (finland) | word "flag" in english |
maritime houseflags c-f (australia) |
flagstaff, arizona (u.s.) |
lajas (puerto rico) |
municipality of wiek (germany) | sušice (czech republic) |
flails: 2 (yellow)
domašinec (municipality, međimurje county, croatia) |
opatovice (czech republic) |
flakstad, nordland |
flamar (shipping agency, belgium) |
flamborough community
flamborough community, hamilton, ontario (canada) |
flame (black)
abu ghosh (israel) |
flame (red)
abu ghosh (israel) | gornja stubica (municipality, krapina-zagorje county, croatia) | navy (lebanon) | pakoštane (municipality, zadar county, croatia) | people's solidarity 1949-1990 (east germany) | raša (municipality, istria county, croatia) | tintigny (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) | velika ludina (municipality, sisak-moslavina county, croatia) |
flame (white)
santander bank (spain) |
flame (yellow)
municipality of carpio (valladolid province, castile and leon, spain) |
flame: blue
chetwynd (district of), british columbia (canada) |
abu ghosh (israel) | dashava (lviv, ukraine) | debrecen (hungary) | end times christian flag | fire-baptized holiness church | galp company (portugal) | guta (rivne, ukraine) | karasjok, finmark | kirishi city (leningrad region, russia) | les breuleux commune (jura canton, switzerland) | municipality of alcoleja / alcolecha (alicante province, valencian community, spain) | province of ruse, bulgaria | regimental colour of swiss regiment nideröst 1719-1735 (spain) | regimental colours of swiss regiment reding 1742-c.1749 (spain) | rejected flag proposals of 1825 (peru) | renovative national party (portugal) | rewa - indian princely state | savarona (caguas , puerto rico) | schwaderloch commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | smoky lake (town), alberta (canada) | swiss mercenary flags | taebaek, kangwon-do (south korea) | town of aldeaquemada (andalusia, spain) | united methodist church (usa) |
flags of the spanish infantry in the conquest of tunis 1535 (spain) | regimental colours of the spanish infantry or tercios 1693 (spain) |
brazilian football clubs: rio de janeiro |
flames (purple)
zagorje ob savi (municipality, slovenia) |
flames (red blue orange)
armenia: sport flags |
flames: 12
elista city (kalmykia, russia) |
flames: 3 (red)
juprelle (municipality, province of liège, belgium) | saint-léger (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) |
flames: 5
koprivnički ivanec (municipality, koprivnica-križevci county, croatia) |
berlevag, finmark | byelousovo city (kaluga region, russia) | kencyr books | les enfers commune (jura canton, switzerland) | presbyterian churches | sor-varanger, finmark | zhoř (czech republic) |
flamme de boeuf
kingdom of france: flags at sea |
flamme rouge
tour de france (cycling) |
vg flammersfeld (germany) |
word "flag" in albanian |
word "flag" in albanian |
word "flag" in albanian |
word "flag" in albanian |
word "flag" in albanian |
word "flag" in albanian |
word "flag" in albanian |
word "flag" in albanian |
antwerp (province, belgium) | crusader cross flags 1188 | east flanders (province, belgium) | flanders (belgium): historical flags | flanders (belgium): local flags | flanders (belgium) | flanders (traditional province, france) | flemish brabant (province, belgium) | limburg (province, belgium) | vlaams belang (political party, belgium) | west flanders (province, belgium) |
flandes (tolima, colombia) |
flandre occidentale
west flanders (province, belgium) |
flandre orientale
east flanders (province, belgium) |
flanders (traditional province, france) |
flandreau santee sioux
flandreau santee sioux - south dakota (u.s.) |
flanders (traditional province, france) |
flanmare shipping inc. (shipping company, greece) |
flapping flag
austria: vertical hoisting of flags | flag hoisting formats and terminology (germany, austria and adjacent countries) |
city of norden (germany) |
flask (red)
ramat hovav (israel) |
organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons |
flathead county
flathead county, montana (u.s.) | kalispell, montana (u.s.) | whitefish, montana (u.s.) |
flathead of the salish & kootenai - montana (u.s.) |
flatrock, newfoundland and labrador (canada) |
idiocracy (movie) |
flavio alfaro
flavio alfaro canton (manabi, ecuador) |
flawil commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) |
flax comb
hägglingen commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
flax flower
derazhne (rivne, ukraine) |
flax flowers
oberflachs commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
gavrilov yam city (yaroslavl region, russia) | kolky (volynia, ukraine) | malyi myds'k (rivne, ukraine) | northern ireland assembly |
flay flying
flag flying in scandinavia |
flebasa lines
flebasa lines (shipping company, spain) |
flec-renovada (cabinda, angola) |
cabinda (angola) | frente de libertação do enclave de cabinda (cabinda, angola) | frente de libertação do estado de cabinda (cabinda, angola) |
compañia la flecha (shipping company, spain) |
fleche (la)
la flèche (municipality, sarthe, france) |
house flags of german shipping companies (f) |
flechtorf (germany) |
flecken ebstorf
flecken ebstorf (germany) |
fleece (yellow)
christchurch (new zealand) |
city of adelaide (sa, australia) | local flags in victoria (australia) | new zealand royal and vice regal flags |
fleet admiral
admiral of the fleet (thailand) | navy - fleet admiral (u.s.) |
fleet captain
yacht officers' flags (u.s.) |
fleet cargo ensign
russian navy: fleet sections (i) |
fleet commander
russian navy: 19th cent. flags | russian navy: rank flags | socialist yugoslavia: naval rank flags (1956-1991) |
senior commanders of the brazilian navy | soviet navy: naval rank flags (1950-1992) |
flémalle (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
fleming township
fleming township, minnesota (u.s.) |
flemish association for watersports
flemish association for watersports (belgium) |
flemish brabant
flemish brabant (province, belgium) | province of flemish brabant (belgium): municipal flags |
flemish cross (the)
the flemish cross (belgium) |
flemish heraldic council
flanders (belgium): local flags |
flemish national union
vlaamsch nationaal verband (political party, belgium) |
flemish people's movement
vlaamse volksbeweging (action group, belgium) |
flensburg ekensunder dg
w. von essen reedereien (germany) |
flensburg stettiner dampfer linie
house flags of german shipping companies (f) |
flensburg city (germany) |
flensburger dg
house flags of german shipping companies (f) |
flensburger fv
house flags of german shipping companies (f) |
flensburger schiffbau
house flags of german shipping companies (f) |
flensburger schiffsparten-vgg
house flags of german shipping companies (f) |
flensburger trampreeder
hans-peter vith |
flerden commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
fléron (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
flesh hooks
eschenbach commune (luzern canton, switzerland) |
compañia la flecha (shipping company, spain) | fletcher, vermont (u.s.) |
fleur-de-lis (black)
begijnendijk (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) | meerhout (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) |
fleur-de-lis (blue)
aarschot (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) | house flags of vicentine shipping companies | moravče (municipality, slovenia) | oliveira de frades municipality (portugal) |
fleur-de-lis (gold)
canas, são paulo state (brazil) |
fleur-de-lis (golden)
alcobaça municipality (portugal) | alter do chão municipality (portugal) | armañanzas (navarre, spain) | arouca municipality (portugal) | azambuja municipality (portugal) |
fleur-de-lis (gray)
democratic action party (political party, bosnia and herzegovina) |
fleur-de-lis (green)
city of bellpuig (lleida province, catalonia, spain) |
fleur-de-lis (red)
azambuja municipality (portugal) | charleroi (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) | city of la pobla de claramunt (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | france: scouting organizations | kladanj (municipality, tuzla canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | lille (municipality, nord, france) | moravče (municipality, slovenia) | pakoštane (municipality, zadar county, croatia) | rixensart (municipality, province of walloon brabant, belgium) | sardoal municipality (portugal) |
fleur-de-lis (white and red)
affligem (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) |
fleur-de-lis (white)
Žalec (municipality, slovenia) | assenede (municipality, province of east flanders, belgium) | barueri, são paulo state (brazil) | berendrecht-zandvliet-lillo (district, municipality of antwerp, belgium) | city of olius (lleida province, catalonia, spain) | city of sant julià de cerdanyola (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | federation of bosnia and herzegovina (bosnia and herzegovina): flag proposals, 1996 | gradište (municipality, vukovar-srijem county, croatia) | grožnjan (municipality, istria county, croatia) | houffalize (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) | kakanj (municipality, zenica-doboj canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | langeac (municipality, haute-loire, france) | lorena, são paulo state (brazil) | mesen (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) | municipality of gaià (bages county, barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of mas de barberans (montsià county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of senan (conca de barberà county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of vallcebre (berguedà county, barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | pićan (municipality, istria county, croatia) | podstrana (municipality, split-dalmatia county, croatia) | sirač (municipality, bjelovar-bilogora county, croatia) | stari grad (municipality, sarajevo canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | travnik (municipality, central bosnian canton, bosnia and herzegovina) |

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