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stadtbezirk prenzlauer berg
prenzlauer berg district 1992-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk reinickendorf
reinickendorf district (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk schöneberg
schöneberg district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk spandau
spandau district (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk steglitz
steglitz district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk tempelhof
tempelhof district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk tiergarten
tiergarten district 1955-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk treptow
treptow district 1993-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk wedding
wedding district 1955-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk weissensee
weissensee district 1992-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk wilmersdorf
wilmersdorf district 1955-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk zehlendorf
zehlendorf district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
associated municipality of obere kyll (germany) |
city of stadtlohn (germany) |
st’at&’imc nation
st'at'imc nation (canada) |
municipality of stäbelow (germany) |
stäfa commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
staff (brown)
novo virje (municipality, koprivnica-križevci county, croatia) |
staff (gold)
municipality of la victoria de acentejo (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary is |
staff (yellow)
parthenay (municipality, deux-sèvres, france) | vandœuvre-lès-nancy (municipality, meurthe-et-moselle, france) |
staff of asclepius
fifty-second field ambulance (canada) |
staff of mercury
katrineholm (sweden) | vancouver island (british colony, canada) |
staff: pilgrim's
municipality of cangas (pontevedra province, galicia, spain) |
staff: pilgrim (blue)
rouvroy (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) |
pleigne commune (jura canton, switzerland) |
staffelbach commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
staffelstein county
staffelstein county until 1972 (oberfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
stafford county
stafford county, virginia (u.s.) |
stafford, connecticut (u.s.) |
biddulph, staffordshire (england) | kidsgrove, staffordshire (england) | sedgley, staffordshire (england) | staffordshire (england) | stoke-on-trent, staffordshire (england) | tamworth, staffordshire (england) |
staffs: 2 (brown)
municipality of la matanza de acentejo (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary isl |
stag (white)
municipality of villardeciervos (zamora province, castile and leon, spain) |
stag (yellow)
huelgoat (municipality, finistère, france) |
stag head
hitra, south trøndelag (norway) |
stag skull
oberbüren commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) |
british shipping companies (s) | city of bad doberan (germany) | comprehensive municipality of bodenteich (germany) | municipality of bockhorn (germany) | vila nova de cerveira municipality (portugal) | vorkuta city (komi, russia) | voss, hordaland |
arroyo grande, california | concord, new hampshire | stagecoach, texas (u.s.) | williams lake, british columbia (canada) |
stags: 2 (red)
municipality of cervera (lleida province, catalonia, spain) |
Štáhlavy, czech republic |
stahlberg municipality (germany) |
der stahlhelm (germany) |
house flags of german shipping companies (st) |
staicele (limbazi, latvia) |
stainless banner
stainless banner (u.s.) |
andean community of nations |
stakes: 3
santo tomé de zabarcos (castile and leon, spain) |
stakliskes (kaunas, lithuania) |
portuguese trade union’s flags |
stalactites (white)
gračac (municipality, zadar county, croatia) |
stalden commune (valais/wallis canton, switzerland) |
staldenried commune (valais/wallis canton, switzerland) |
volgograd region (russia) |
city of eisenhüttenstadt (oder-spree county, brandenburg, germany) |
stalks (golden)
municipality of el fresno (castile and leon, spain) |
stalks: 4 (golden)
municipality of aldeaseca (castile and leon, spain) | municipality of constanzana (castile and leon, spain) |
stalks: 4
municipality of palacios de goda (castile and leon, spain) |
stallikon commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
stalowa wola
stalowa wola city (poland) | stalowa wola county (poland) |
stamford, connecticut (u.s.) |
stamp: aaland island flag
åland islands: flag related stamps |
commemorative stamps (u.s.) | comoros flag in 1978-1992 | erroneous flag depictions in official stamps of saint vincent and the grenadines | ethiopian flag on postage stamps | flags of romania on stamps | historical flags (u.s.) | post stamps with vexillological images (sweden) | supreme commander (north korea) | variations of the (1975) east timorese flag |
stampa commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
stamping-mill (yellow)
odranci (municipality, slovenia) |
norwegian centennial stamps 1914 |
word "flag" in afrikaans |
word "flag" in afrikaans |
france: ceremonial flags of veterans' associations |
standard bearer
belgium: military colours and standards | flying the flag at half mast (from "standard bearer") | young socialists in the spd 1945-1961 (social democratic party, germany) |
standard island
standard island (book) |
standard of the allies
standard of the allies |
brazilian marine corps | brazilian marine corps | brazilian navy | colonial brazilian military units | mexico - discovering and "conquista" (1517-ca. 1566) | mexico - new spain (nov. 20, 1542-sep. 27, 1821) | personal flags of the royal family (thailand) | queen elizabeth ii's personal standard in australia | standard, alberta (canada) | word "flag" in english |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in english |
word "flag" in serbian |
sa command flags (nsdap, germany) |
standbridge east
stanbridge east (quebec, canada) |
standenbühl municipality (germany) |
standing rock sioux
standing rock sioux - north dakota & south dakota (u.s.) |
stanin commune (poland) |
stanislaus county
stanislaus county, california (u.s.) |
ivano-frankyivs'k county (ukraine) |
stankovce (slovakia) |
stankovci (municipality, zadar county, croatia) |
staňkovice (czech republic) | staňkovice (czech republic) |
stanly county
albemarle, north carolina (u.s.) | locust, north carolina (u.s.) | stanly county, north carolina (u.s.) |
stanovo (municipality, serbia) |
stans commune (nidwalden half canton, switzerland) |
stansstad commune (nidwalden half canton, switzerland) |
stanton county
stanton county, nebraska (u.s.) | stanton, nebraska (u.s.) |
stanton, california (u.s.) | stanton, nebraska (u.s.) |
amt stapelholm (germany) |
staphorst (netherlands) |
staples, texas (u.s.) |
star-spangled banner
famous flags: us flags |
star (10)
dominica |
star (3)
republic of howland, baker and jarvis |
star (4)
micronesia | samoa - historical flags |
star (40)
chuuk (micronesia) |
star (5)
samoa |
star (6)
micronesia |
star (8-point)
north china |
star (black)
belgium: naval flags, 1936 | brittany (france): anarchist movements | colombia - diplomatic and consular flag | erroneous flags and ensigns (spain) | kaokab abu al-hija (israel) | mahra sultanate of qishn and socotra (protectorate of south arabia, yemen) | malakula district (vanuatu) | unidentified flags and ensigns (spain) | xekinima - socialist internationalist organization (political organization, greece) |
star (blue)
akha people (thailand) | bachs commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | berbers: armed movements | bonfol commune (jura canton, switzerland) | boquim, sergipe (brazil) | british shipping companies (b) | british shipping companies (b) | british shipping companies (b) | british shipping companies (b) | cannes (municipality, alpes-maritimes, france) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | compagnie de commerce et de navigation d'extrême-orient (shipping company, france) | compagnie des vapeurs de charge français (shipping company, france) | croisières marseille calanques (shipping company, france) | dracoulis ltd. (shipping company, greece) | east fremantle yacht club (australia) | eletson (shipping company, greece) | european democratic party | finistère (department, france): yacht clubs | france: chiefs of staff | france: rowing clubs | g.n. pittas (shipping company, greece) | granville (municipality, manche, france) | gustave vasse (shipping company, france) | la caixa savings bank (spain) | lok satta party (india) | mömpelgard 1470-1793 (germany) | metropolitan shipping ltd. (shipping company, greece) | minister of the navy (brazil) | nova santa rosa, paraná (brazil) | panama | pará (brazil) | paris (department and municipality, france): yacht clubs and rowing clubs | prentout-leblond, leroux & cie (shipping company, france) | president and vice president (brazil) | rapa (austral islands, french polynesia) | saint-vaast-la-hougue (municipality, manche, france) | sea star navigation co. (shipping company, greece) | senior government officials (brazil) | société nationale d'affrêtements (shipping company, france) | village of il-mosta (malta) | vimont & cie (shipping company, france) | yacht club de france |
star (faceted)
Álvaro a. da silva foito’s proposal for the new portuguese national flag (1910-1911) | druze people (israel) |
star (fimbriated)
army flags of the soviet union | new zealand coat of arms | new zealand | republic of hatay (1937-1939) |
star (five-colored)
mediterranean games (spain) |
star (gold)
air force rank flags (thailand) | carmo do rio claro, minas gerais (brazil) | montes claros, minas gerais (brazil) | patriotic citizens fighting corps (world war ii): japan | royal thai air force (thailand) |
star (green)
2005 mass protests (lebanon) | al-ahwaz (khuzestan) political organizations (iran) | augustinegal province (le belge movie, belgium) | cayman islands | consigmar (shipping company, spain) | iranian empire (pahlavi dynasty): generals' flags | iranian empire (pahlavi dynasty): naval rank flags | john frum movement (tanna island, vanuatu) | liberal democracy of slovenia (political party, slovenia) | nation of tanna (vanuatu) | north yemen (1962-1990) | schellen shipping n.v. (shipping company, belgium) | senegal | shabak (iraq) | state of aden (federation of south arabia, yemen) | state of vemerana (vanuatu) | students federation of india |
star (gyronny)
santa terezinha de itaipu, paraná (brazil) |
star (purple): 9 points
guinea bissau workers’ party |
star (purple)
zagorje ob savi (municipality, slovenia) |
star (red)
Šibenik (town, Šibenik-knin county, croatia) | mouvement national bolchevique français (ultranationalist movement, france) | acre (brazil) | afghanistan april 1980 - november 1987 | afghanistan june or september 1928 - january 1929 | afghanistan november 1987 - august 1992 | air force (afghanistan) | albania: people's republic, 1946-1992 | algeria: aircraft markings | algeria: independence war (1954-1962) | algeria: liberation movements (1944-1954) | algeria: national emblem | algeria | andalusian nation (spain) | armenian secret army for the liberation of armenia (terrorist group) | asturian nationalist movements (spain) | ballias et cie (shipping company, france) | balochistan (pakistan) | bandol (municipality, var, france) | belgium: naval flags, 1936 | brittany (france): political movements (1950 until now) | côtes-d'armor (department, france): yacht clubs and rowing clubs | castilian independentist flag (spain) | catalan nationalist flags (spain) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | coimbra, minas gerais (brazil) | commanding officer's pennants of the french army in kabylia (algeria), 1857 - part 2 | commoner left (spain) | communist party of croatia (political party, croatia) | compagnie des bateaux à vapeur du nord (shipping company, france) | compagnie maritime france-afrique (shipping company, france) | conceição do rio verde, minas gerais (brazil) | croatia line (shipping company, croatia) | croatia: anti-fascist movement, 1941-1945 | democratic federal yugoslavia (1943-1945) | dinard (municipality, ille-et-vilaine, france) | djibouti | effingen commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | euronor (shipping company, france) | federal state of croatia, 1943-1945 | finistère (department, france): yacht clubs | flag of the minister of the army (uncertain) (brunei) | france: rowing clubs | french guiana (france, overseas department and region) | french guiana: independentist flags | galician nationalist parties (spain) | gironde (department, france): yacht clubs | gospić (town, lika-senj county, croatia) | haute-vienne (department, france): yacht clubs and rowing clubs | hrastnik (municipality, slovenia) | iranian people's fedayee guerrilla (iran) | islamic salvation front (political party, algeria, 1989-1992) | istanbul port utilities monopoly turkish joint stock co. | jadrolinija (shipping company, croatia) | jadroplov international maritime transport (shipping company, croatia) | jaszbereny (jasz-nagykun-szolnok, hungary) | jugoslavenska oceanska plovidba (shipping company, serbia and montenegro) | junin canton (manabi, ecuador) | kabylia (algeria) | kiskunfelegyhaza (bacs-kiskun, hungary) | kosovo (province, serbia) before the declaration of independence | kosovo (province, serbia) before the declaration of independence | kranj (civic municipality, slovenia) | league of communists of yugoslavia | liberation units of kurdistan | lošninjska plovidba (shipping company, croatia) | lykiardopoulo (shipping company, greece) | mahabad republic (iran, january-december 1946) | mediteranska plovidba (shipping company, croatia) | municipality of mengíbar (jaén province, andalusia, spain) | myanmar (burma): army flags | nano (shipping company, france) | national liberation front of kurdistan | national liberation movement (yugoslavia, second world war) | new communist party of yugoslavia (serbia and montenegro) | panama | people's liberation army of kurdistan | people's mojahedin army (iran) | people's republic of albania: naval flags | peoples republic of bulgaria: doso flags, 1955-1990 | pkk (kurdish workers party) and related organizations | prekookeanska plovidba (shipping company, serbia and montenegro) | psara (greece) | ptuj (civic municipality, slovenia) | pula (town, istria county, croatia) | red star (football club, france) | red star line (shipping company, belgium) | republic of bosnia and herzegovina (socialist yugoslavia) | republic of croatia (socialist yugoslavia) | republic of hatay (1937-1939) | republic of macedonia (socialist yugoslavia) | republic of montenegro (socialist yugoslavia) | republic of serbia (socialist yugoslavia) | republic of slovenia (socialist yugoslavia) | revolutionary people's liberation party-front (turkey) | serbia (serbia and montenegro), 1992-2004 | sitinas enterprises s.a. (shipping company, greece) | slovenia during the second world war | société de chalutage de la méditerranée (shipping company, france) | socialist and communist parties 1931-1939 (spain) | socialist party of serbia (political party, serbia) | socialist worker's party of croatia (political party, croatia) | socialist yugoslavia (1945-1991) | socialist yugoslavia: aircraft markings | socialist yugoslavia: aircraft markings | socialist yugoslavia: miscellaneous flags | socialist yugoslavia: national minorities | socialist yugoslavia: naval flags (1949-1956) | socialist yugoslavia: naval flags (1949-1956) | socialist yugoslavia: naval flags (1956-1991) | socialist yugoslavia: naval rank flags (1956-1991) | socialist yugoslavia: naval rank flags (1956-1991) | socialist yugoslavia: naval rank flags (1956-1991) | socialist yugoslavia: republics | south yemen (1967-1990) | soviet navy: high ranks (ca. 1924-1935) | split (town, split-dalmatia county, croatia) | splitska plovidba (shipping company, croatia) | splošna plovba (shipping company, slovenia) | star of north africa (independentist movement, algeria, 1926) | students federation of india | tankerska plovidba (shipping company, croatia) | trbovlje (municipality, slovenia) | turkish maritime organization | turkish republic of northern cyprus | velenje (civic municipality, slovenia) | village of Ħal għargħur (malta) | workers party (pt)(brazil) | young party (turkey) | yugoslavia people's army (socialist yugoslavia) | zagreb (croatia): communities, 1964-1992 | zagreb (croatia): historical flags, 1896-1990s | zenica (municipality, zenica-doboj canton, bosnia and herzegovina) |
star (sectored)
new zealand - traditional maori flags |
star (seven-pointed)
armañanzas (navarre, spain) |
star (white on black)
close encounters of the third kind (movie) |
star (white) fimbriated red
japanese merchant ensign (1800s) |
star (white); triangle (red)
uberlândia, minas gerais (brazil) |
star (white)
ajaria (georgia), 2000-2004 | albania during the first world war (1914-1920) | albania: autonomous and provisional governments (1912-1914) | albania: principality, 1914 | amazonas (brazil) | antibes-juan-les-pins (municipality, alpes-maritimes, france) | armement seegmuller (shipping company, france) | assyrians | astronomy of the brazilian flag | bahawalpur (pakistan) | balochistan (pakistan) | barretos, são paulo state (brazil) | belgium: naval rank flags | bosnia and herzegovina | bosnian muslims (bosnia and herzegovina) | brazil | brazilian government offices flags | brazilian marine corps | brazilian marine corps | brazilian maritime flags | brazilian navy in 1917 | bulgarian military flags (since 1990) | calvados (department, france): yacht clubs | casamance (senegal) | catalonia 1931-1939 (spain) | catarina republic, 1839-40 (brazil) | central bosnia canton (bosnia and herzegovina) | chris marine (shipping company, greece) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | club nautique de nice (yacht club, france): members' private signals (1907) | compañía de navegación "la estrella" (shipping company, spain) | compagnie libanaise de navigation côtière et d' outre-mer sal (shipping company, lebanon) | cotia, são paulo state (brazil) | counani (brazil) | courseulles-sur-mer (municipality, calvados, france) | crete (greece) | crouan (shipping company, france) | cuba - aircraft marking | delpierre (fishing company, france) | dunkirk (municipality, nord, france) | federation of south arabia (yemen) | flag officers of the brazilian navy | flags of burma/myanmar, 1973-2010 | france: naval rank flags | france: rowing clubs | gambier islands (tuamotu and gambier islands, french polynesia) | george d. gratsos s.a. (shipping company, greece) | geraldton yacht club (australia) | goulandris (shipping company, greece) | great eastern islamic raiders' front (turkey) | greece: former naval rank flags | greek democratic army (1945-1949) | guadeloupe (france): independentist organizations | historical flags (fiji) | historical flags overview (syria) | historical flags until 1932 (syria) | ilha solteira, são paulo state (brazil) | independent turkey party | kelantan (malaysia) | kuwait: history of the flag | la rochelle (municipality, charente-maritime, france) | lipkovo (municipality, macedonia) | loire-atlantique (department, france): yacht clubs | lucélia, são paulo state (brazil) | luminárias, minas gerais (brazil) | maasmechelen (municipality, province of limburg, belgium) | macedonia: flags of national minorities | maldives: from protectorate to independence (1949-1968) | maldives: governmental flags | maldives: political parties | maranhão (brazil) | marseilles (municipality, france): yacht clubs | minister of the navy (brazil) | motor-yacht-club von deutschland e.v. (yacht club, germany) | mounts bay sailing club (australia) | municipality of la colilla (castile and leon, spain) | myanmar (burma): army flags | myanmar political parties | myanmar: 2007 flag proposals | netherlands antilles - first flag (1959 - 1986) | nova xavantina, mato grosso (brazil) | ogaden (ethiopia) | ottoman empire -1918 (historical flags, lebanon) | ottoman empire (turkey, 1299-1923) | ottoman empire: flags depicted in national geographic (1917) | ottoman empire: sultan's standard | pakistan - political flags | pakistan - sipâh-e-sâhaba party | pakistan: car flags | pakistan: construction sheet | pakistan: index of all pages | pakistan: index of all pages | pakistan | parnaíba, piauí (brazil) | pato branco, paraná (brazil) | piauí (brazil) | president and vice president (brazil) | principality of monaco: sports flag | pyrénées-atlantiques (department, france): yacht clubs and rowing clubs | pyrénées-orientales (department, france): yacht clubs | rondônia (brazil) | santa catarina (brazil) | senior commanders of the brazilian navy | sergipe (brazil) | société française de navigation rhénane (shipping company, france) | social democratic party of india | socialist yugoslavia: national minorities | south-western caucasian republic (turkey, 1918-1919) | south of perth yacht club (australia) | stavros daifas marine enterprises s.a. (shipping company, greece) | sultanate of fadhli (federation of south arabia, yemen) | sultanate of the maldives (-1949) | swatantra party (india) | tahiti (winward islands, french polynesia) | tanah merah district (kelantan, malaysia) | teixeira, paraíba (brazil) | toulon (municipality, var, france) | transocean maritime agencies (shipping company, monaco) | travnik (municipality, central bosnian canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | tunisia aircraft roundel | tunisia president | tunisia under french administration | tunisia | turkey: burgees of yacht clubs | turkey: customs flags | turkey: football clubs | turkey: port authority flags | turkey: president of the republic | turkey | turkish-palestinian solidarity flag (turkey) | turkish and azeri minority (syria) | turkish republic of northern cyprus | umm al-qaiwain (united arab emirates) | vedettes de saint-malo (shipping company, france) | velika kladuša (municipality, una-sana canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | village of il-mellieħa (malta) | village of il-qrendi (malta) | wahidi (federation of south arabia, yemen) | waimes (municipality, province of liège, belgium) | western somali liberation front (ethiopia) | workers party (pt)(brazil) | yacht club de france |

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